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Re: System Apps not being pushed to Lumia 920

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System Apps not being pushed to Lumia 920


I've been having issues regarding System App updates to my phone..... As well as other app updates (3rd Party)


I've used this to get the "extra+settings" and the "network+" updates using the QR codes BUT I've seen other System App updates that haven't been sent to my phone either.....


Does anyone have the QR codes for the other updates? i.e. the "display+touch" update


Many thanks


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Re: System Apps not being pushed to Lumia 920

hi mate,

have you tried performing a soft reset (pressing the volume down and power buttons together until the phone vibrates) to see if that does the trick? if that doesn't work, you may need to do a hard reset (Settings >About > Reset your phone) to help you out. Remember to perform a backup of all your personal data first to a PC and SkyDrive or online service equivalent.

IF that fails, you will need to take your phone to your point of purchase, or if they are being less than helpful, to your local Nokia Care point for them to inspect:
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Re: System Apps not being pushed to Lumia 920

How can we be sure these QR code updates are safe? Maybe they weren't meant for our phone model if we didn't get the updates pushed. You can only find them by using the QR code or typing in the complicated Windows Store link that the QR code points to. You cannot search for them in the store.

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Re: System Apps not being pushed to Lumia 920

The Push Notifications are a bit erratic. Have observed that with WiFi they are not displayed on my Nokia Lumia 920 but find them when Mobile Data is being used. Can confirm that its not a coincidence since for a few applications the release date is 3-4 days ago during which the Mobile Data was never used.

Other doubt of yours will get cleared when you check thru' the QR Codes and you may find something of the sort that the Application is not for your device..means you will not get something which is not compatible with the OS.

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