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Re: WP7.8 WP8

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Re: WP7.8 WP8

DeathFromAbove wrote:

The first Iphone will be compatible with I0S6.  


This is incorrect.  Apple leaves a generation behind quite often:


Even if older models like the 3gs are "compatible" with iOS5, they run very slowly. The trademark smoothness of the OS takes a serious hit and the frame rate and load times drop to unnacceptable levels, IMO.


I don't know why, either.  It's not like it's evolved in years.  Except, of course, to add in iAd support (yay! OS level advertising!)

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Re: WP7.8 WP8


Are we getting into semantics now? 800x480 will be one of the supported resolutions, what's your point?

Battery problems? Which ones? Tried the 4s? That puppy has horrendous battery life.

Audio quality wasn't good but has been addressed and I'm guessing will continue to be.

You know this is my point completely when I say about researching your device.. This is a big amount of money to lay out on a device and be upset.. Not that it's actually a problem for as you inherited yours.

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Re: WP7.8 WP8

I'm with you..that's exact reason now I wan't to dispose my L800.
This phone don't know how to perform simple multitask. I can't get a new phone because I have put all my money on a *hit device.

With this news who's in his right mind will pay a good price for it..

WP7/WP7.5 only works fluidly on a single app at a time. Isn't this a smartphone?
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Re: WP7.8 WP8

OK lets get some perspective here. Reading your thread you feel betrayed by MS and Nokia. But why is it people with mobiles think that they are entitled to software upgrades. My Dell laptop is a couple of years old now, am I waiting for MS to contact me and tell me where I can download Windows 8 for free?  No!


So why should we be entitled to WP8, even if the phones could run it.  My HTC desire S could only be upgraded to Android 3.3 from new (supplied with 3.2), and thats it. But no one complains about that, and rightfully so..


I havea  Lumia 710 on long contract, and dont care if it never gets another update afyer 7.8.


It is still an exceptional OS. For a phone that costs around 99 GBP SIM free in the UK and still matches anything that Apple lot can throw out is incredible. Most phones get used for two short years anyway, so whats the big deal. I dont feel betrayed by MS at all.because they are simply evolving the platform for the next generation and that can only be a good thing

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Re: WP7.8 WP8



I think At&T are the folks you need to have a go at. In May, I'm not sure they were in a position to make that assertion.


Not sure which 'announcement' you mean but the WP8 developer conference said no existing phones would get WP8, but would get WP7.8 due to hardware restrictions. WP7.8 gives similar Start screen customisations and other functionality tbd.


You don't say if you need WP8. How are you getting on with the 900? I have a L800, and love it. Would be quite happy to extend it to the end of it's contract with WP7.8



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