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Worried about my Lumia 920

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Worried about my Lumia 920

I'm a little worried that I might have a bad unit.  I am having the following issues:

1.  Dust is collecting in the front facing camera.  I've only had this thing for 3 weeks (today) and the dust accumilation is troubling.
2.  The phone gets HOT...not warm, but HOT.  It gets hot on the wireless charger.  It gets hot while using Skype.  It gets hot under other scenarios, but i need to play closer attention.
3.  The battery life is horrible and getting worse.  It used to be when I'd have a full charge, that the battery saver thing would say 100% - 1 day, X amount of hours.  I knew this wasn't "real life" true, but it was good to know that it would last that long if I didn't use it.  NOW, 100% charge tells me 13 or 14 hours and it's nowhere near that.  The other day, it was down to 29% after about 4 hours of moderately heavy use.  Not good.

Like I said, I'm at 3 weeks, today, so AT&T won't take the exchange and I doubt that they have any red ones in stock anyway.  Are other people having the same issues??  Should wait and let them work out any production issues before trying to get a warranty replacement?  I don't know what to do.

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Re: Worried about my Lumia 920

The phone should get warm but not hot. This could also be connected to the battery draining. I suggect you either return it for a replacement or get it checked out at a nokia care point.

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