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Re: lumia 800 battery life

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lumia 800 battery life

I've had my lumia for 4days now, it came with the new update preinstalled but the battery life on this phone is still really poor. It will only last for a few hours including when I have the battery saver turned on. Is there anything I'm missing or?

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Re: lumia 800 battery life

Battery life on all new phones will seem poor for the first few days or so. Battery life should improve a fter a few recharge cycles. Other things to look out for are applications running in the background. Press and hold the back button to check, and if there are use the back button to quit out of each application rather than pressing the Windows start key.


 There are a couple of threads already on the forum giving tips on how to increase battery performance.



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Re: lumia 800 battery life

It will take about 8 - 10 recharges for the Battery to stabilise.. Wait till then and the life should surely increase. Also have a look at some Tips here

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Re: lumia 800 battery life

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Re: lumia 800 battery life

This is my first smart phone and so I am used to the battery lasting for a week. I understand that they don't last long on these and that's fine. My WP8 is a Lumia 822 (LOVE IT by the way). I am so used to the bulkier phones that I would be more than happy with a bit more bulk and weight of a larger battery and battery compartment. If that is a possibility I would love to hear about it.
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