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touch screen zooming with single finger scroll

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touch screen zooming with single finger scroll

Just wondering if anyone else is having this issue with their Lumia 800. I notice this problem moreso within IE, but it can also present itself in other apps which have been downloaded from the WP Marketplace.


Whilst looking at webpages (generally non mobile sites) and scrolling down the page (in either portrait or landscape mode) with a single finger slide the phone will seemingly auto zooom in or out randomly for no obvious apparant reason.


Whilst doing so the text on the page seems to stutter somewhat, almost as if the phone is "detecting" 2 fingers on the display. I have never experienced such problems with any other capacitive display device that I have used before (iPad, iPhone, HTC Desire).


This same frustration with the touch screen continues further when on occasion (again randomly) a swipe down or up will be classed as a press on a icon or link (I have seen a previous comment regarding this elsewhere) resulting in opening the app or URL.


I'm not sure if this is a WP7 problem or a Lumia problem??

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Re: touch screen zooming with single finger scroll

Yeah I've seen this happen in the Email application once or twice. I think its OS-specific
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Re: touch screen zooming with single finger scroll

This is not a normal behaviour and only happens on the Nokia Lumia 800 because its screen digitizer is badly configured as noted here:


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