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Full of crashes to synchronize contact with thunde...

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Full of crashes to synchronize contact with thunderbird or Windows contact, without solution


Summary : The synchro to *.contact files (Windows contact files that are XML files) crashes (reason not analyzed) with miswritten data. So the wrong files must be destroyed manually.

We suppose that we have not outlook on our system(s).

After failing with Thunderbird (error 8d5e000f and crash for incompatible product TH 10.0.2, I tried to export (synchronize with Windows contact). I failed too.


This because when you have the separate files *.contact well written, as they are written in XML language you can (I you have the good tools or the right informatician near you convert them to compatible definitions for thunderbird. Easy to go from XML to *.VCF for example and import to thunderbird.

There is a failure noticed at the end, without information about the nature of this failure.


In fact files *.contact have been created, but many data are loosed or miswritten.

Then you need to delete manually all.


Sometimes (most of time) products when they can't end their job, as they have created temporary files they destroy them , this so that moistened information could not be spread off into your data's, this is not the case.


More these XML files contains errors so that most of products are not able to display these data and crashes.


Even you have defined several contact directories (one per addresses book), you are not prompted and the moisten data are spread into default windows addressbook (I have not found any place to specify windows addressbooks location (for thunderbird it is different because you have a profile manager).


Indeed I have made a true test using 1175 contacts... coming from a N95.

So for the moment it seems that there is no other solution to save and export your contacts than Outlook.

You will have to read  and rewrite by hand to another support. Let's go twenty year back.



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Re: Full of crashes to synchronize contact with thunderbird or Windows contact, without solution

Hi Trebly_N,

 Thank you for your feedback.

 Thunderbird 10.0 is not supported by Nokia Suite 3.3.89 version. You should install Thunderbird 9.0. It should synchronize all your contacts.

 If you have problems with it, please produce the logs files while you are Synchronizing your contacts and then submit the error report using this link 

 The instructions for collecting the log files will appear in section 14 when you select section 12 b using the above link.



Best regards,


Nokia Suite Team.

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