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N8 wont connect to Ovi Suite..

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Accepted Solution

N8 wont connect to Ovi Suite..



I'm facing a connectivity issue with ovi suite on my company laptop (windows XP). When i connect the cable, the phone says "connected via ovi suite", and the tray pop up bubble says N8 connected via Ovi Suite, but when I go to the Ovi suite home screen, the bottom of the page shows a N8 icon, and says "Setting up"... and that's ALL!!! That goes on indefinitely, and no sign of any syncing happens... I finally have to connect to the N8 via my PC suite version, which works perfectly.


Meanwhile, Ovi suite works fine with my N8 on my personal laptop (Windows 7).


Anyone can help me out with this? Its pretty frustrating. :smileymad: I've tried repairing the Ovi suite installation, but it doesn't seem to have made any difference.




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Re: N8 wont connect to Ovi Suite..



Please try the link below first:

My connection between Nokia device and PC stopped working or not getting detected after update of PC Suite or Ovi Suite. What can I do?


If it does not help try:

Select Ovi Suite via Tools -> Options -> My device -> Remove this device.

Once you add the device back to Ovi Suite, Select tools -> Add device, reconfigure the Sync -> Option - device sync settings and sync again.


Waiting to see the result.






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Re: N8 wont connect to Ovi Suite..

Tried both.. didnt work...


Finally uninstalled Ovi suite, PC suite, Cable drivers etc., restarted PC and reinstalled Ovi suite.


Now its working finally...


Thanks :smileyhappy:

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Re: N8 wont connect to Ovi Suite..

Hi Riddhi_K,

Glad to hear that it is working now.





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Re: N8 wont connect to Ovi Suite..

I am experiencing something very similar.  I connect my N8 to Ovi Suite in hope to sync my messages but the "Connecting" sign at the bottom left does not change from "Connecting".  I have spent days trying to solve this - even had my whole phone wiped as Nokia recommended a "reflushing".  I now have NOTHING to sync but would really like to solve this for future back-up.  So frustating!!  I have uninstalled and reinstalled the software so many times and always the same problem. 

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Re: N8 wont connect to Ovi Suite..

[ Edited ]

I changed my phone from an E7 that worked well with PC suite to a N8 that would not work at all until, read below.

How i got my N8 to work with PC Suite


I found this by accident and it works. When I connect by USB I taped the top left of screen when the USB connect pops up. Be quick it only displays for about 1 second.

This brings up a USB connections list of 4 different connections.

Ovi suite

Mass storage

Media transfer

Conn pc to net

I tried all connections and fu#k me when I Connected by Media Transfer PC suit connected.

It was in non-compatible mode.

A few windows XP explorer popped up and PC warnings. PC suit stated the connected device is not supported.

I ignored all of this as PC suite displayed N8 in the phone connected.


It was connected to N8 in non-compatible mode.

Every thing worked the only problem was the calendar accepted entries only no alarms or type of display.

When I disconnected the phone and went into the calendar all entries were all there.

I had to change the type and add alarms.

When I checked my phone book all entries had been saved.

I reconnected again and did it again to make sure it was not a fluke so now I have deleted Ovi Suite and use PC Suite It works for me.


Hope this might help others.   



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