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Nokia Suite 3.3.86 installation failure & other er...

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Nokia Suite 3.3.86 installation failure & other errors

I've had several problems in the past, up to the point that I simply gave up using Nokia Suite.

However, for the past few months my cellphone has just kept on whining about updating its software (every 10 minutes or so, ridiculously often) and it's annoying me so much that I figured I'd give Ovi Suite another try.


In vain.


My primary workstation is my laptop. It runs windows Vista Home.

In order to update my phone, I first must update OVI suite (I currently have version installed). Why? I don't know. But fine, you have it your way, I'll just update everything.


Okay, OVI suite installed on vista. I try connecting my phone via USB and I get a few connect options. One of which is "PC Suite" mode, which I need to select in order to be able to update my phone. I select "PC Suite" mode. Nothing happens.

After trying several times, I decided to try the other modes. In the other modes, I can access my phone's memory card via my laptop. But I cannot actually use OVI suite to sync photos or update the firmware. I can still sync my photos manually (by copying the files from the memory card to the laptop) but since my primary goal was to update the firmware, I'm left in the dark.


There *is* another option: bluetooth. Surprise, suddenly OVI suite can connect with my phone. But apparently I'm unable to update my phone through bluetooth. Why? Once again I don't know.


All right, so Nokia suite does not like laptops. Let's try my older desktop which is running windows XP Professional.

You need to know that I have the same version of OVI suite installed on this desktop because I've had the same problems on my laptop in the past. This time however, OVI suite doesn't event want to update properly.


So once again, here I am: I want to update my phone and to do so I need to update OVI suite.

Halfway the installation, a hardware update wizard pops up and shows me following error message:

There was a problem installing this hardware:


See attached screenshot.


I finish the hardware wizard, but it keeps popping up, and after clicking "finish" 10 times, I figured the nokia installer doesn't like desktops either and just cancelled the installer.

Basically, Nokia suite doesn't want my laptop to connect to my phone, and OVI suite doesn't even want to update on my desktop. I'm left with a phone that keeps nagging me with update messages.

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Re: Nokia Suite 3.3.86 installation failure & other errors

Update: Nokia Suite now seems to work properly on my laptop. Not sure why.

Not that I really care now that it's working on my laptop, but the desktop problem's still there.

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Re: Nokia Suite 3.3.86 installation failure & other errors


 Have you tried out the latest 3.3.89 on you Desktop?

 What is the error message on your desktop PC?



Best regards,


Nokia Suite Team.

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