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Re: Nokia Suite does not support MMS and calender?...

New Member
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Nokia Suite does not support MMS and calender??

When do we get support for MMS and calendar / tasks?
It has worked in versions prior to Ovi Suite, bad not to get it to work 2012 ;-)
Nokia have posted in other forums that it is planned for several years now.

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Re: Nokia Suite does not support MMS and calender??

how despicable that there is STILL no MMS support in nokia **bleep** suite 3.2.100 

I often send and receieve either an SMS or MMS, and I will often reply in the other format due to the length of my message. 

With SMS I am restricted to 160 character per message and a total of 4 sms can be composed in one frame (sends as 4 seperate messages though) so I reply with MMS if my message is a bit long, because I can do loads more characters and send as ONE message.  

I find it highly offensive that I am unable to sync my MMS with nokia suite, and it looks like the conversations are incorrect.

This is the straw that broke this camels back and I wont be EVER buying another nokia! 

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Re: Nokia Suite does not support MMS and calender??

Yes, this is disgusting. I thought at first something was wrong with my set up in Nokia Suite when I couldn't find my MMS messsages. No wonder Nokia is not doing so well,

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Re: Nokia Suite does not support MMS and calender??

It seems to me, there is the support for MMS in Nokia Suite as of 3.4.40, at least.

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Re: Nokia Suite does not support MMS and calender??

Yes, Nokia Suite 3.4 has the MMS support. You can download and install latest beta version of  Nokia Suite from here ...

To download the installer, you need to log-in with the SAME credentials that you use on this Forum..

Nokia Suite team

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Re: Nokia Suite does not support MMS and calender??

I run Nokia Suie version 3.5.34.  In this version I see symbols for MMS messages. Unfortunately The content is ZERO after I sync with my phone despite the fact that I have several hundred MMS messages in my Nokia N95 8GB.


I have also tried to establish the Smart Groups. These could in theory find my old MMS messages and sort the based on various criteria. Unfortunately this is useless since the content is still ZERO after I sync with the phone.


I have also had this problem with different Nokia software (Ovi, PC Suite). Now my phone has around 4000 SMS and MMS in it and is slow and useless. I really need a backup and organizing function that works on a PC! When I delete the messages one by one on my mobile it takes me about 45 seconds per message!!! I do not have the time and patience for this **bleep**.


To Nokia: Can you help??

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