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Re: Why are Ovi installer CACHE files taking 1 GB ...

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Why are Ovi installer CACHE files taking 1 GB on my hard drive (2 x 475 MB)

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I have 2 directories:


C:\users\All Users\OviInstallerCache (475 MB size)

 C:\ProgramData\OviInstallerCache (475 MB size)


Why the heck does Ovi need 2 directories with cached installation files. This enormous amount of space, together almost 1 GB. I know the concept of installation files caching, but why 2x, but why twice?



So here is the scoop. I uninstalled Ovi Suite. And I have 1.7 GB more space. Are you kidding me?? Is this serious? Why does Ovi need such a outrageous amount of space.


And this is was just a fresh install in February, no upgrades, I haven't even used it much so far, no music nothing.


Is this just me or everybody's Ovi installation takes this amount of space?


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Re: Why are Ovi installer CACHE files taking 1 GB on my hard drive (2 x 475 MB)

My OS is XP 32 bit, in that OVIInstallerCache in Application Data alone 864 MB :smileysurprised:


Which Operating System r u using?

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Re: Why are Ovi installer CACHE files taking 1 GB on my hard drive (2 x 475 MB)



c:\users\all users


are one and the same (programdata is a link to the other I think), but I still question - what is the point of this cache, and can it be deleted?

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Re: Why are Ovi installer CACHE files taking 1 GB on my hard drive (2 x 475 MB)

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For me it is:


C:\Users\All Users\NokiaInstallerCache\PackageCache\{92D1CEBC-7C72-4ECF-BFC6-C131EF3FE6A7}\Setup






Same file Nokia_Suite.msi, ~250 MB, and one is not a link to the other (so 0.5 GB together).


I note your messages are quite old: have you by any chance deleted these types of files, and have not noticed any problem since ? (similar .msi caches in the windows folder appear to raise problems if deleted when atempting uninstalls afterwards).


I also note that this topic has been viewed 5,100 times. :-) Note that loging with your Nokia account from the link in the invite message above a google hit post does NOT offer the possibility to "remember you". I recommend taking the time to navigate to the root of the discussion board of the google hit (different for each major Nokia commercial geographic area), and log in from there "once and for all" (i.e. record the login with that particular subdomain). This will enable you to contribute with less cost on your future "nokia troubleshooting" google hits :-).






Edit: See also: /t5/Nokia-Suite/2-bloated-folder-size-for-Nokia-Cache-Installer/td-p/799031

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