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Re: All contacts mixed up after synchronizing

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All contacts mixed up after synchronizing

Almost all of my contacts in both the phone and Ovi net got totally mixed up after synchronizing. People have extra phone numbers and their e-mail addresses are mixed. One of the three might be right, but how can I guess which one it is? When I try to call my daughter's friend, a colleague of mine answers... How on earth can this happen?

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Re: All contacts mixed up after synchronizing

I got the same problem!

All contacts number are mixed, I receive messages and calls from someone but the displayed name is another one.

I remember I did first synchronization, then I did a back-up, after I did software update therefore I'm not sure from what the problem is arising.

I tried to re-install the contacts back-up but it didn't work

How can I fix it up?



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Re: All contacts mixed up after synchronizing

[ Edited ]

I have the same problem: need to synchronize 2 phones: N79 and 5800 xm.

All my contacts are edited and strictly organized in MS Outlook 2010 64 bits.

I have windows 7 x64 office x64.Ovi works, via buetooth and via usb.

PC Suite do not recognize outlook x64.

But when configuring OVI, (something usually OK in PC Suite with my old PC), I want to keep information base, untouched in Outlook,  not from the device. I tried both option too with no success.

Once the synchronization finishes (calendar, contacts, notes), the report says that contacts from outlook, and also calendar were modified by the OVI according to the phone information. It duplicates contacts, appointments, etc in OUTLOOK and in the PHONE, so I have to fix it manually, and never did with PC Suite. Please correct this big fail!!

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