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stuck in offline mode on my e65

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stuck in offline mode on my e65

How do i get back online
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Re: stuck in offline mode on my e65

Your question has nothing to do with " and Ovi Sync", so I presume the moderators will move this thread.

If switching profiles the usual ways does not work, and even removing the battery and rebooting the phone does not help, then...

1: Check that you have a SIM card inserted.

2: If that wasn't the problem, try reformatting the phone or updating its firmware.

3: If those didn't help, either, then have your nearest Nokia repair center take a look at the phone.

And, just in case, the usual ways to switch profiles:

- A long press of the '#' key

- A short press of the power key, and then selecting the profile from the list

- Using the Profile app in the phone menu
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Re: stuck in offline mode on my e65

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This is quite a common problem on the E65 and the solution is often quite simple.

Try this:
Switch off the phone.
Remove the memory card.
Switch the phone back on.
If it asks you to stay offline say no.

Usually this will allow the phone to work online normally.

Now try it again with the memory card in and it should work properly. If not you will need to format the memory card.

Message Edited by psychomania on 14-Nov-2008 11:50 AM
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Re: stuck in offline mode on my e65

i  try to do that but my keys dont work
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Re: stuck in offline mode on my e65

On my E65, the SIMM card was not being detected by the phone, if that is the case I fixed it by inserting a paper (with several folds) between the silver plate and my simm so as to put  pressure on the SIMM. Once SIMM card is well in place turn the phone ON and change the profile to General or anyother except Offline! :smileyhappy: Hope it helps.

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