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Contacts Back Up Nokia 6300 on PC Suite

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Contacts Back Up Nokia 6300 on PC Suite

I am having problems with PC Suite, I don't seem to be alone! I have had a look through some of the previous posts but can't get the following sorted.

I have made a back up of my contacts etc via PC Suite from my Nokia 6300. The problem is viewing the contacts via the file manager. It only shows 3 of the contacts out of over 100. All are saved to the phone not the SIM. I am therefore not able to confirm the back up is accurate, or edit any of the contacts on my PC. The three that are showing I added to this new phone the others are copied to the phone from SIM when I put it in the new phone but as far as I can see they are all stored on the phone in exactly the same way!

It seems to be a bit of a tempramental programme, I didn't have this problem with my Motorola using a different programme.

I am using Window XP SP2, version of PC Suite and have tried conecting via a cable and bluetooth.
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Re: Contacts Back Up Nokia 6300 on PC Suite

I had a similar problem when I first tried to use PC Suite after upgrading to a 6300. The phone was switching off after I got to 119 of my 162 contacts.

The answer seems to be that you need to 'tidy up' any contact information you transferred from another phone. Its a bit laboroius but it worked for me.

Copy your contact information from your sim onto your phone. Edit each of the contacts deleting those that contain no information and remove any spurious characters or symbols that have appeared during the transfer process.

I did this and can now get PC suite to read my contacts
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Re: Contacts Back Up Nokia 6300 on PC Suite

sync with outlook or convert contacts to vCard files(try noki) then copy to the phone will also do.
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Re: Contacts Back Up Nokia 6300 on PC Suite

No you are not alone... In order to update the firmware to 7.118, I backed up my 6300 using PC Suite and now I cannot anymore restore all of its contents.

The restoration sequencially restores SMS, contacts, and phone settings. In my case the process stops with an error in the middle of my contacts, without resuming execution for the next contact or the phone settings. The failing contact is always the same. This contact has the particularity to have 2 address lines, so it might be that this special case is not supported by the restoration program... this is just speculation from my side, it can be anything else of course.

Anyway the consequence is that I have now half of my contacts and all of the phone settings left behind in the nbu file.

Appreciated the solution mentioned to use Outlook, but this won't save my settings, nor will save specificities of my contacts that are not compatible with Outlook.

Personally I am not sure this is related to this particular phone model (6300), but must be an issue of PC Suite itself (either the backup or the restore program).


Generally speaking backup and restoration should be the most robust (same level of reliability as the OS itself), otherwise we cannot count on them to execute other programs. Thus they must be simple, like copying files and must mainly rely on the OS. In this funny case, running the phone updater has been safer than the safety measures taken!

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Re: Contacts Back Up Nokia 6300 on PC Suite

I've just had a nightmare restoring contacts to my Nokia which gave varying results (mostly PC suite couldn't read the contacts and not all numbers were restored to my phone) but illogically it fixed itself after I used the phone to copy my contacts from the SIM memory to the phone memory. After that I was able to restore (which writes over all contacts - which was fine) and it worked ok then i.e. all contacts were successfully restored and PC suite synchronises all contacts succefully each time. May be worth a go if you're tried the logical stuff!