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Nokia 6070 and PC Suite

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Nokia 6070 and PC Suite

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My Specs Windows XP Pro SP2 512mb RAM 60Gig HDD and PC Suite plus I only have USB 1.1 not USB 2.0 Ports. Ok I bought a data cable DKU-2 from mobile fun,is this cable any good or should I buy the genuine CA-42 as I have installed the PC Suite that says my drivers are bundled with the PC Suite but when I connect the Phone I always get "USB Device Not recognized" and in device manager I get "Unknown Device" where the phone is meant to be shown. Also In the properties of the "Unknown Device" I get no drivers installed so im a bit stumped to say the least. I have also tried installing the individual driver for the phone but still no success, has anyone got a link to drivers that I may need just incase I selected the wrong driver. Many Thanks for any help given.

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Re: Nokia 6070 and PC Suite

you are not using the right driver.

the cable you have bought is not a nokia cable, so installing the nokia driver will not help you at all.

you dont mention what phone you have, so gettin a ca-42 wont help either. your phone (whaever it is) will use either the DKU-2 or the CA-42 - they are for different phones.
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Re: Nokia 6070 and PC Suite

So if im not using the correct driver what one should I be using for the cable DKU-2??

Er in the thread Title Nokia 6070 kinda gives away my phone, lol
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Re: Nokia 6070 and PC Suite

There are "real USB" phones and those use DKU-2(old model) or CA-53(new model) cables.
There are real USB phones in both "phones" category and smartphones category. So you always have to check.

Then there are some phones that still have the old "serial cable connectivity", but the cable contains some firmware to make the conversion such that the cable can be connected to USB port in PC. These cables are DKU-5(old model) and CA-42(new model)

For old DKU-5 cable you need to install separate driver, but for the other models the driver software is inclued in Nokia PC Suite.

And by the way, there are some reallynew cables out there CA-70 I think that also charges the phone while connected, that driver is also included in PC Suite.

Your phone requires DKU-5 or CA-42. And since you have bought a non-Nokia cable, you might have a cable that is just "look alike", but the firmware inside eighter does not exist or does not do what it is supposed to do.

There are people who are saying that they have a non-Nokia DKu-5 or CA-42 and it works, but I have clearly see more who say they can't get it working.
On the other hand, people rarely write anything if everything just works :smileyhappy:
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Re: Nokia 6070 and PC Suite

Ah I get you Cheers, Ive just got the proper CA-42 cable and I have a good connection now :smileyhappy: