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Re: Nokia PC Suite re-installation trouble

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Accepted Solution

Nokia PC Suite re-installation trouble

Hey all!

I'm having trouble upgrading my PC Suite software. Here's a background:

Few months ago I wanted to try another OS on my PC, so I've deleted everything seemingly useless from the hard drive (including all Temp dirs) and Ghosted the drive into an image file. After a while, I've restored the image and everything works great, however, when I'm trying to upgrade the Nokia PC Suite it's trying to uninstall the previous version, installer for which it obviously won't find, as it's been deleted by me before.

Fine. I'm downloading and trying the Nokia PC Suite Cleaner tool (v. 7.1.1), cleaning the registry w/ several tools, deleting Nokia and PC Connectivity folders and it's useless. It deletes something, but when I'm trying to install the latest PC Suite version it says it can't uninstall the previous version and closes.

I've googled through a lot of info and seemingly tried everything possible, but the damn thing simply wouldn't remove itself. What am I missing? Does Nokia install a hidden registry key which the Cleaner does not remove?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, as this is getting totally ridiculous.

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Re: Nokia PC Suite re-installation trouble

BTW, sorry, forgot to add the info:

What version of Windows is being used?
-- Windows XP SP2 Professional

What Service Pack is installed?
-- Service Pack 2, including all latest updates, besides the SP3.

What version of PC Suite is installed?
-- Unknown really. Been a while since I installed previous version, however, it's older than 7.1.18.

What is the connection method, cable, bluetooth or IR?
-- Cable/Bluetooth.
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Re: Nokia PC Suite re-installation trouble

I had a "secret" key in my registry, and no cleaner would clean it!
- Find the PC Suite install log, find the bad key stated there, delete the bad key in the registry, start PC and installation all over, that worked for me.
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Re: Nokia PC Suite re-installation trouble

Make sure the 3 things are all unistalled:
1. pc suite
2. PC Connectivity Solution
3. Cable driver

You can view in the task manager to find pc suite related process/serviced like NCL* to make sure they're cleaned.
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Re: Nokia PC Suite re-installation trouble

Hey guys, thanks for you reply.

Martin, I think I've read your post here, on forums. However, my install log does not have *any* registry keys in it. The log ends w/ those lines:

SUCCESS:Installation completed with code 0xE000020B.
INFO: RETURN: DriverPackageInstallW (0xE000020B)
INFO: No matching device was found for 'c:\program files\pc connectivity solution\pccs_bluetooth.inf'. Driver will be installed when plugged in.
INFO: Created entry in Add or Remove Programs for 'C:\WINDOWS\system32\DRVSTORE\pccsmcfd_A3B3916E5D8138F59EE218321B27B044D3B18294\pccsmcfd.inf'.
INFO: Returning with code 0x201
INFO: 12/16/2008 20:27:39

I've tried googling the "0x201" code, but didn't find anything, so it's pretty much useless.

Now, I've tried uninstalling all three from Add/Remove programs, and it uninstalls the driver and the connectivity solution just fine, but it won't uninstall the Nokia Multimedia Factory and Nokia PC Suite because it can't find the MSI installer. I thought that the Nokia Cleaner is supposed to remove all entries for this software, thus removing it, however, apparently, it does not.

Also, I don't have any processes even remotely related to NPS. I did a damn good cleaning of files and registry, but it wasn't good enoguh.
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Re: Nokia PC Suite re-installation trouble


I' having the same trouble.
did you find a sulution??? if so, please let me know i just cant uninstall the conectivity, I'm goin' crazy.

Regards, Astrid
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Re: Nokia PC Suite re-installation trouble

Surprisingly, I did and I hope it'll help you.

Basically, Nokia PC Suite Cleaner is a piece of **bleep**. It doesn't erase everything from your computer thus you can't reinstall.

What I did is run the cleaner first - because it erases at least something. Notice that if you still have a problem, after you've runt he cleaner, it says that the product can't be uninstalled because there was no valid installation source and that the registry has been cleaned. This is a sign that you still have a problem and won't be able to install the NPS. Then you have to search your entire hard drive where Nokia PC Suite was installed for "nokia", including hidden and system files.

One of the paths you'll find is this:
C:\Documents and Settings\Jonathan\Application Data\Nokia
Back everything up from this folder and then delete it. Your settings and backups are stored there, but apparently if you don't remove it you won't get anywhere.

Then you have to do some registry cleaning. I used the CCleaner ( and then Eusing Free Registry Cleaner ( With each software you have to run the cleaning several times at a time - for example, run the CCleaner once, let it back up your registry, repair all the issues, then run again. I did it until in both programs nothing was showing up anymore.

After that, I've restarted the computer and ran the Nokia PC Suite Cleaner again. This time, it said that no products were found. That's great. If it didn't find anything it means that you've done a good job. Now run the installation for Nokia PC Suite and it should install just fine.


I've been googling for a solution like this for a week with no answers *anywhere*, including your message boards. Is it *this* hard to make the Cleaner *actually* delete all registry entries and files? Come on!
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