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Nokia Suite vs. Nokia Software Updater

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Accepted Solution

Nokia Suite vs. Nokia Software Updater

Why does re-installing the Firmware takes less time thru’ Nokia software Updater than thru’ Nokia Suite?  Is it just me or others have experienced it too ?

Re-installed the Firmware on my Nokia 5800xm a few days ago thru’ Nokia suite which took some 18-20 minutes. But with that the function of the Screen lock key went mad. It was taking 5-6 attempts to unlock the screen. Hence re-installed the Firmware again, this time thru’ NSU which took just about 4-5 minutes. This sorted the Screen lock Key problem.

After some 20 days, today just for experiment, re-installed firmware thru’ Nokia Suite which again took 18-20 minutes and the Screen lock key problem started. Re-installing thru’ NSU took 4-5 minutes and problem got resolved.

..and also can’t understand the varied results both provided.


Note : For every instance the latest available versions of Nokia Suite and NSU were used.

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Re: Nokia Suite vs. Nokia Software Updater

good question, i noticed the same behaviour too last week. I find Nokia software updater quite pretty in appearance, and fast and no hassles and effective.
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Re: Nokia Suite vs. Nokia Software Updater

Well I certainly wouldn't try updating using Nokia Suite upon my netbook running Xp as it hogs too many resources whilst NSU not a problem.


Is standalone NSU storing the update locally so re-installation doesn't require software to be downloaded, which would account for difference?

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