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PC Suite 6.85.12 influences Windows Vista USB func...

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PC Suite 6.85.12 influences Windows Vista USB functionality?

I have following bug (not yet 100% confirmed): when I insert any USB device in Vista (i.e. flash drive), I have tray icon for safe removal of device.

If I left click on this icon and select "safely remove" I get dialog "Now it's safe to remove..." - this is standard in Windows Vista.

However after installing Nokia PC Suite 6.85 (fresh install, no update) this has changed.
After clicking "remove" I do not get any dialog from Windows anymore.

Actual removal of device does happen (light indicator on flash drive goes off), but no dialog window anymore.

I cannot right now repeat this bug because it will require reinstall of Windows and Suite, but if anyone can confirm (or deny) existance of this bug - i'd be glad to know.
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Re: PC Suite 6.85.12 influences Windows Vista USB functionality?

They've done something, that's for sure.

I had real hassle trying to do an NSU software update on my N81 with this PC Suite.

Rolled back to 6.84 and NSU worked fine.

Don't upgrade to PC Suite 6.85 people!
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Re: PC Suite 6.85.12 influences Windows Vista USB functionality?

I do not have Vista, but I noticed that Nokia devices have several USB modes, i.e. Windows recognises the Nokia device depending on the selected mode differently. If you choose media transfer or data transfer (the different phone models seems to have their individual naming for the modes), then you nee to use that "safely remove hardware", because windows recognises the Nokia device mass storage or Windows Media transfer device (not checking right terms here).

But, when you connect with "default"/"nokia"/"PC Suite" mode, you don't need to use that, because the mode PC Suite uses is wireless mobile communication device class (WMCDC) which builds up and ends the connection session differently.

And NSU uses yet another mode and that is why PC Suite "disconnects" and NSU "connects" and then back.

Nothing has changed from 6.84 -> 6.85, but OK, as said I don't have Vista...

And I recommend 6.85, nice new features again, drag and drop particularly
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Re: PC Suite 6.85.12 influences Windows Vista USB functionality?

Hi gunglewack

Also had to return from 6.85 to 6.84 to allow NSU to update N95 to v20 after wasting time downloading 114.9Mb twice and then finding "installation failed". I then found that if you monitor taskbar the PC Suite icon turned red after about 35 minutes with approximately 70 Mb downloaded on 2Meg. broadband connection, which meant application can't find phone at the end of the firmware download. I don't whether application is now timing out, so that with faster broadband connection there would be no problems.

Happy to have helped forum in a small way with a Support Ratio = 37.0

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Re: PC Suite 6.85.12 influences Windows Vista USB functionality?

Ah-ha. Those PC Suite boys have made an admission here and a new release!

Get from - I can now update - thanks!