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PC Suite & Nokia N95 Backup/Restore

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PC Suite & Nokia N95 Backup/Restore

My N95 doesn't seem to want to do a Backup let alone restore...

Keeps hanging at 66% backup when it hits 'phone specific' stuff - the last one on the list.

I have the most recent PC Suite - has anyone else suffered from this problem?
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Re: PC Suite & Nokia N95 Backup/Restore

Hi whatleydude

Are you able to carry out phone backup to a memory card?

Are you able to explore phone content with File Manager in PC Suite?

PC Suite 6.83 rel_14.1 certainly has issues but these are more connectivity related!

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Re: PC Suite & Nokia N95 Backup/Restore

I haven't tried a phone back up to the memory card.
Reason is - I've just bought myself a 2gb card and I wanted to back up my 512mb (plus phone contents) and restore to the 2gb.

I can explore the phone content - but it's the SMSs etc that I'm interested in..
Plus - I like having a backup of my phone's contents!

I've tried it a number of times now and it just keeps hanging at 66%...

Yup, life sure moves pretty fast...
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Re: PC Suite & Nokia N95 Backup/Restore

Out of interest do you get any type of error message when PC Suite is attempting to backup your Messages ? Also - give it some time to back up - I've left it for a good 20 minutes just to see whether it times out or comes back with any specific error message.

I experienced a similar issue and it was down to having to reinstall the MMS Sync component of PC Suite.

Two things I would try are :

1) As a previous poster recommended - just try backing up to the memory card to see whether this works OK or not. Not being able to do so would indicate it's not a PC Suite related issue and localised to the phone itself.
2) Try reinstall PC Suite functionality on the phone itself. With the N95 connected to your PC, load up PC Suite (the main program which gives an overview of all the applications that collectively comprise of PC Suite), then goto the Help Menu and choose "Reinstall PC Suite support on your phone" - then try backing up again.

If both of these steps fail, I'd recomend wiping your phone to a factory reset condition (although your memory card should NOT be affected if you follow the link below - but to be safe I'd take it out nevertheless !). The only problem with this solution is that it leaves you in the recursive problem of having to wipe a phone you want to take a backup of (!). Hopefully however, you won't have to do this ...

To reset your phone, follow the instructions in this link :


However please be aware that doing so will wipe ALL the data from your phone such as information in your calendar, contacts and so on.

In order to save your data you can use the PC Suite application to save and restore the data from your phone - this software can be found here :

If this doesn't work then it's likely you have a hardware fault and you should approach your local Nokia Service Centre to get your phone fixed.

Hope this helps.

Please let me know how you get on.