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Pre-Shared Key for WLAN

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Pre-Shared Key for WLAN


when I try to connect to a particular access point I am repeatedly asked for the Key. Is there a way I can memorize this so that I would not have to entere it over and over again?

Thank you
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Re: Pre-Shared Key for WLAN

Of course you can. Goto Menu>Tools>Settings>Connections>Access points>, then select the Access point you want to setup the pre shared key for. Scroll down to and select "WLAN security settings", change "WPA/WPA2" to "Preshared key", click on "Preshared key" and enter you key.

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Re: Pre-Shared Key for WLAN

Hi, I need help on my N82, I just had bought a D-Link Wifi usb adaptor for me to connect wireless network from my PC.
I can't even connect the adaptor even though i already installed it properly by CD installer.
And also, about Pre Shared Key, where could you find that?
is that the network key that has been set up in your computer? Coz i have been trying and it always invalid pre-shared nwetwork key?
PLease help me if you knew something about setting up the usb wifi adaptor?
And can you also share your knowledge on that Pre Shared WLAN network key?
I have totally lost?
Thanks and regards.
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Re: Pre-Shared Key for WLAN

Same issue, on my new N96

Says "SKY60678" and "TalkTalk4jkb2"

Now these are maybe neighbours WiFi connections, but wont do any harm me connecting? How would I get connect for a wee surf on my phone?
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Re: Pre-Shared Key for WLAN

Go to "tools" then WLAN wizard it will search the available network. choose the nerwork which is you need to enter the password for the router. enter the password and exit the settings.  it will save the network availability and password automatically.

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Re: Pre-Shared Key for WLAN


Thanks for your post and welcome to the forums.
I wont do you any harm connecting to any WiFi connection as long as you know the password for the WiFi if it is a secure connection. If it is not then it should just connect and you should be able to use the data services.

Am I to understand that you have bought a new router and don't know the Pre shared key? If so the key is normally in the user manual or somewhere on the router itself normally at the bottom.


Just to clarify you have bought a Wifi dongle for your P.C to make it wireless? So you don't have a router but a build in modem in your P.C?

Are you entering the Pre shared key into your N82? If so and it is coming up with invalid key, have you consulted your user manual for the dongle as the key is normally in there or somewhere on the router itself? Do you remember setting up a key? On your phone when it searches for wireless networks are you selecting the right wireless connection to connect to?

If the device is saying invalid key then you are entering the wrong key code.

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