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Why no name when I get an incoming call?

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Why no name when I get an incoming call?

Not sure if this is the right forum but here goes.

I've sync'd my 6230i with outlook, I have resolved most of my problems but still have 2 which I can't suss out.
1/ none of my work email addresses have been copied to my phone

2/ When I get an incoming call only certain numbers flash the name up, this is really annoying as I have a poor memory for numbers.

I can live with the 1st but need to sort the 2nd any ideas please
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Re: Why no name when I get an incoming call?


You didn't mention the version number of PC Suite you are using. The newest one (6.8) can be donwloaded at
1) Do you use Outlook, Outlook Express, Lotus Notes or some other application (PIM) to store your contacts?
2) One reason might be that two or more contacts have same phone number so phone does not know which name to show. What you need to do is to check your phone memory and delete dublicate contacts. Or if your contacts are stored also in some PIM, it is easier to check those contacts on your PC and after that delete all contacts from phone and then sync contacts from PIM to your phone.
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Re: Why no name when I get an incoming call?

Hi A4Gom,

My wife faced the same problem 2 on her 6280. I eventually diagnose the cause to be that there are multiple contacts with the same number.

This is caused by the initial sync between Outlook and her existing contacts in the SIM card. What happened was that the contacts in Outlook when into the phone memory, and the ones in the SIM got into Outlook, and since a lot of the contacts in the SIM already has an entry in Outlook, the sync caused duplicate entries in the phone. :smileysad:

I took an hour to 2, sitting with her, cleaning up the contacts in Outlook, and then did another sync to clean up the mess.

Hope my experience helps. Cheers. ^_^
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