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Re: 5233 Restart problems

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5233 Restart problems

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Hello !

i am having nokia 5233.. its in warranty period

But often my phone restarts when kept idle for some time

and some times, i phone switches off automatically and wont restart. instead it will be showing the

NOKIA welcome screen (white screen with NOKIA written in blue) and strucks there.

it wont respond or start !

i have to remove the battery and then i should start over again.

please anyone help me ! i dont have any application installed exceppt Netqin Mobile guard for clearing the temporary memory of my phone after browsing.

so please advice me what to do ! :smileysad:

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Re: 5233 Restart problems

The problem may be because of Old SIM..If you are using it for quite some time get it replaced..

It may be due to currupted Memory card also.. Is there any difference using the phone without the Memory card..?

Also confirm that your Firmware is upto date..

If nothing from the above resolves the issue, back-up the data and try re-installing the existing Firmware..

As a last resort, try a Soft Reset by dialing *#7370# followed by 12345 ( default code unless set by you) when prompted.. This will erase all data from the phone memory.. After the reset restore data ..


BTW, have you checked without the Netqin application, whether that is creating any issues ? 

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Re: 5233 Restart problems

Thanks for the reply !


I am using my SIM for two years.

Its still looking good.

I formatted my memory card too..

n yesterday night i formatted with *#7370# yesterday

and then i restored my data successfully..

I uninstalled even netqin app too before formatting the phone

Now i am having zero apps installed.

My phone has not restarted until now.


BTW Do u think Netqin mobile guard have an issue ?


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Re: 5233 Restart problems

There are various issues reported by Netqin users..but that may be due to some conflict between applications.. In your case, since no other applications are installed, seems rather unlikely...but can not say for sure... If you have carried all the operations mentioned without testing what really solved the issue, then it will be difficult to say what really solved the problem.. So, if you really want the Netqin application, re-install and see. If problem reappears, un-install it..

BTW the SIM though looks good may create issues..but since the problem is gone wait and watch..

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Re: 5233 Restart problems

Thanks for all ur help !

Then what do you think that the Welcome screen of Nokia standing like that and not starting until my battery is taken off ? :smileysad:

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Re: 5233 Restart problems

Hi srinivas0812,


Welcome to the Nokia Forum!


As Farby previously suggested there may be an issue with your SIM card, I suggest to test out wether it is the cause or not, finding a family member or friend with the same service provider whose SIM card you can borrow and test it out on your Device and see if the problem persists.


Let me know how it goes!



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Re: 5233 Restart problems

Today my phone again restarted..


i thought that the problem is gone. But it hasn't.


I didn't check with replacing my SIM card. Will check now


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Re: 6760s Restart problems

hi can u help me solve aproblem with my phone which switch itself off before its show u the menu.

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