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Re: Adobe Flash Player For C5

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Adobe Flash Player For C5

I have 2 browsers on my C5, one that came with the phone and also Opera Mini 6.1. The original browser says I have version 8 installed, but when I visit a site with flash content nothing happens. When I check the installed version on Opera Mini it doesn't say that it has a Flash. Is there a Flash player I can install for Opera Mini? and can I update version 8 that is seemingly reported to be on the Nokia browser? I am wondering if maybe that version just isn't good enough to play such content.
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Re: Adobe Flash Player For C5

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Nokia phones have often some version of Flash Lite built-in, with a browser "plugin" that only works with the built-in/default web browser (but not Opera Mini).


Flash Lite is not quite compatible with "full" Flash that web developers tend to use, and even when it is close, it is a couple versions behind of the "full" Flash. Thus, some Flash content on web pages can be used with the built-in browser, but not all. I suppose the Flash Lite version on your C5 is mostly compatible with Flash 8 (and thus would work on most websites that use Flash 8, but not if they use Flash 9, Flash 10, or whatever is the latest, or Adobe Air).


Upgrading Flash Lite on your own is also not generally possible, but first Adobe has to release an update to Nokia, and then Nokia has to incorporate that new version in a new firmware build, which is then delivered to phone users via a firmware update.


Opera Mini is always going through Opera's proxy servers which caches and converts, optimizes web page content for Opera Mini. I.e., with Opera Mini, you never actually connect to the web sites directly. In the case of Flash content, Opera would have to do some on-the-fly Flash translations/conversions on their servers, and that's very difficult to do well (doable for straight Flash videos, but ranging from difficult to impossible with interactive Flash content).


So, your alternatives: Use the built-in web browser for sites where Flash Lite is enough, or use Opera Mini and live without even that little support.


Of course, you could also try to persuade the web site developers to ditch Flash alltogether, and use content formats and techniques that are not dependent on proprietary technologies like Flash.


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Re: Adobe Flash Player For C5

Thanks very much for your reply, all understood. I noticed that this site sends an untrusted certificate of which I took the option not to accept permanently but to accept this time only. Why is it showing as untrusted though? At first when I clicked on my email notification link it would not connect until I changed the connection from Dual Mode to GSM Mode then it connected after the certificate warning, does that sound reasonable?