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Don't Update The Social App (N8/Belle)

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Don't Update The Social App (N8/Belle)

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Just updated it last night.  What a horrid update.  It truly has been many steps backwards.


- why do all widgets now have to take 1/2 of the home screen?

- there are subwidgets, but not consolidated (ie: one for FB, one for Twitter, and they aren't feeds, just notifications)  The subwidgets are large enough that to get a better view, one full homescreen needs to be devoted just to social

-when one clicks on the main widget, they aren't by default brought into an "all activity" feed.  They are brought into twitter or facebook, whichever appears on the widget.

-continuing the above point, then one needs to hit "all activity" to get the consolidated view of everything.

-refreshing feeds not only takes forever, but now it's buried further in the submenus and now it appears each feed needs to be separately refreshed, even if refreshed in "all activity"?


Not to mention the operation is terrible and glitchey.  The old Social was great, but what is nokia thinking here?


There are other issues, but as I work more and more around this, I'll refrain until I try and make sense of this app and what their rationale was behind adding bloat to it.

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Re: Don't Update The Social App (N8/Belle)

another problem is in "Events", when to click one of the items for today (birthday), it will not open my friend's profile, an error would appear "Unable to retrieve feed items", and I cannot post a greeting to their wall... tsk tsk tsk...

I remain,

G. R. Gene
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Re: Don't Update The Social App (N8/Belle)

and how do you go to individual Facebook or twitter app? I select it from social client which gives me the error "your service has expired. To update service contac your operator"message. And if you select any individual app like twitter or Facebook- you are presented with all activity only. I installed the older version 1.3.237 which works fine as it used to. On installing the 1.5.215 from software update menu again began the same problems.
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