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Re: Microsoft Lync on c6-01 belle

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Accepted Solution

Microsoft Lync on c6-01 belle

how do i close microsoft lync? it's draining my battery..


is it okay if i delete it?


help please.. thank you!

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Re: Microsoft Lync on c6-01 belle

I deleted it from my C7-00 (Belle) and I did not recognize any Problem.

It was very annoing because it always startet when I startet the Phone.


But you can also close it every time using the task manager (push the menue button for a few seconds, then you see als tasks opened and you can close those you do not want do run).

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Re: Microsoft Lync on c6-01 belle

I also find this program very annoying.  First, there is nothing that says what this program is or what it's for.  Do I need it on my phone?  It starts when the phone starts.  I have to close it every time I start the phone.  VERY annoying.  There is no option for not starting the program when the phone starts. 

If I don't need it, is it ok just to delete it?

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Re: Microsoft Lync on c6-01 belle

i ve doubt in that.. After uninstalling, sw update shows microsoft apps again.. I ve doubt tht if i dont install this, will m able to update belle in future??
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Re: Microsoft Lync on c6-01 belle

Microsoft Apps are Business apps to be honest, so I don't see why you should keep them, besides, they eat up a whole lot of space, so get rid of them if you aren't using them. And you'll be able to get future updates, with or without installing them.


Only waiting for the MS Office package.....



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Re: Microsoft Lync on c6-01 belle

Removing Microsoft Lync from Installed applications is ok, and you can keep and use others.

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Re: Microsoft Lync on c6-01 belle

Microsoft apps is an optional update. It has nothing to do with any other updates on offer. You can install those updates as and when you wish.
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