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Nokia Maps on Lumia 920 - Please update POIs for U...

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Nokia Maps on Lumia 920 - Please update POIs for US market!!!

I recently purchased the new Lumia 920 based partly on claims made Nokia that this would be one of the most comprehensive mapping solutions on the market. I agree the the Nokia Drive, Transport, City Scene, etc are great apps, but as far as "Nokia Maps", they are terrible relative to Bing Maps on the HTC Windows Phone 8X. Why is the Nokia Maps app so limited in the number of POIs for the US and Canada? Bing Maps has WAYYYY more POIs and is a way better choice in the US as it currently stands. Nokia, you have done those of us in the US a huge disservice by not combining databases with Bing Maps. Why have this whole exclusive agreement with MS but not reap any of the benefits. 


In short, please combine the Bing Maps database with Nokia Maps. There is no reason Nokia Maps should be so handicapped relative to Bing Maps. Currently for the US the map database ranking, based on my experience with all of them, is: Google, Bing, Nokia/Apple. Terrible.

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Re: Nokia Maps on Lumia 920 - Please update POIs for US market!!!

Hi mate,

As this is a user to user forum for Nokia products and services only, you would be better off contacting Nokia directly and leaving your feedback, by clicking the Nokia Support link at the bottom of this page.
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