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Read this if you need a security code (Sticky)

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Read this if you need a security code (Sticky)

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Hi Everyone!

I have seen a few posts asking "What is my security code?". So I thought I would make this post. Basically most Nokia phones all use the same security code by default, this is 12345. All phones are set with this code from the factory and will stay using 12345 until it is changed.

If you have changed your security code from 12345 then you would normally need to take your phone into a Nokia Service Point. Here an authorised engineer would reset the code back to its default of 12345. You can find your nearest Nokia Service Point on this page:

Unfortunately there is nothing that can be done other than visit an engineer if you forget the security code :smileysad:, they will need to reset the code to the factory default for you.


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Re: Read this if you need a security code (Sticky)

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There have been some reported cases where operators have changed security codes on some phones.

In these cases, the security code will be shown on the product information label on the box, usually close to the IMEI number. This number is not always marked as a security code.

If your phone was provided to you by your network operator, will not accept the code 12345, and you are certain that you have not changed it, then it is worth checking the product information label on the box before you go for the Care Point option, just in case.

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