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moving new email to imap with nokia 5800

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moving new email to imap with nokia 5800

I have set up my two aol accounts and gmail account beautifully on my nokia 5800.  I dont really like the nokia messaging application when it comes with IMAP.  I am using the general email app that came with the phone and it works great, ive set it up where it almost as good as push.  


Now my question is, (Its probably a silly question, im new to setting up emails on phones), but 




I have tried everything , all the options in the phone, and looked everywhere online, cant get a solution for this.  So i dont think that there is any capability built within the phone software to do this, but is there some workaround.  


I could not find any option in the phone that even allowed me to move my new email to a folder on the phone either.  


If someone could please share their insight about this issue im having.  Greatly appreciated!!!

Please use plain text.
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Re: moving new email to imap with nokia 5800

Not sure why you'd want to do this (seems like an impractical solution to a regular email problem. no offense ;-))


Either you're interfacing with your account via POP. Then it's a straightforward "leave message on server", Mark it and save it in its original state when you're on your home PC. Trying to "save" it in your IMAP map doesn't make sense for two reasons; first of all you could have chosen the IMAP option while configuring your device, small oversight perhaps? Second flaw is that your IMAP (when properly up-to-date) should always be a synced representation of your inbox / mailaccount, so the message should actually be there. SO I think you've scrambled some wordings in the post.   


Anyway, in the native email client most messages (both pop & imap) will be shown as a plain text message with an HTML attachement. This link will show you the message (in original (html) formatting) by starting up the native browser.


The native browser does have the capability to save these message onto the internal memory; when message is displayed goto OPTIONS; "INSTRUMENTS", SAVE PAGE.


The page will be saved somewhere in the sys mem, supposed to be safe. To open again, goto WEBbrowser, options, bookmarks, saved pages it should show you the previously saved messages.


Once again, If it's important for to save messages this method is NOT your number 1 option, but it does do the job (assuming I've interpreted your problem correctly ;-). I'm using N95 & N95 8GB, so there's a (very slight ;-) ) chance I'm talking total BS for your phone.


Well goodluck with it all, and let me know if it works.



Please use plain text.