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Re: Nokia Asha 201 video

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Nokia Asha 201 video

Ok... So I got an Asha 201 and for the last couple of days I've been trying to convert some videos to put on my phone. But every single time I get the error "video not supported". So... I need some help. Can anyone tell me what are the exact settings that Asha 201 supports for video?



Video Bitrate

Audio Bitrate




and any other settings that you can think of. It would be very much appreciated.

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Re: Nokia Asha 201 video

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Re: Nokia Asha 201 video

Ok... so i just encoded a video with the following settings...


Resolution 320x240

Framerate 15 fps

Container 3gp

Codec h.264 baseline level 1.3

Bitrate 256 Kb/s

Audio AAC 48Kb/s 24000KHz


The lowest everything....

And guess what? Still video not supported! It's driving me crazy!


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Re: Nokia Asha 201 video

try this...


Encode your 3GP video with the H.263 video codec and audio codec to AAC or AMR (AMR sounds terrible but will play. AAC is supported on majority of Nokia phones.). Looks awful but it will definitely play on your Asha 201. I use H.263 video codecs on both mp4 and 3gp if ever MPEG-4 or H.264 fails to play on my device. 

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Re: Nokia Asha 201 video

hi, sorry for reviving such an old thread but I bought a Asha 201 this last christmas and when I run into the same problem discussed on this thread I googled for detailed specs about what this model was capable of play and basically it brought me nowhere but here wich didn't solve my problem so I spent about a week messing around till get it to work so I think it could be helpfull to share my findings here because I believe there can be more people interested and this also could apply to other similar models not just the Asha 201.


ok, so this phone is able to play several types of files, there are lots of combinations but basically to keep it simple this phone is most notably capable of playing this three types of files:


3gp files with h263 video and amr-wb audio

avi files with mpeg4 video and mp3 audio

mp4 files with h264 video and aac audio


I'm not interested in the first two, the first one is totally obsolete nowdays, it only has suport for a limited number of resolutions (for this phone 176x144 or 128x96) and even at lossless settings it doesn't look very good, yes it does work but just as the other user said is something to use only as last resort.


the second one has the mayor advantage over the other two that it does actually support the native resolution of the device (320x240) however in the other hand just to clarify the mpeg4 video here is mpeg4 part 2, this is the old fashion divx for example, wich still in use have been actually clearly superseded by h264 so I haven't put many time in this however if you want to give this option a try you can try targeting your videos at a bitrate of around 384 kbps at a resolution of 320x240 and for the audio try using 24 KHz stereo mp3 at 80 kbps.


the third one even if on this device is very restricted (as I'll tell bellow) to me is the most interesting here and the one I'll mainly talk about on this post.


so basically after some days messing around with this the requisites I found for the phone to just attempt to play h264 video are:


baseline profile and a maximiun of 99 macroblocks (don't worry about the tech stuff, to make it simple that just result in a maximiun resolution of 176x132 in aspect 4:3 or 192x108 in aspect 16:9)


anything outside that the device refuse just to attemp to play it (just doesn't support it), it's very disapointing to find that the device can't play h264 video at its native resolution.


but well anyways, like I'm saying that's what a h264 video must be for the phone to attemp to play, however one thing is what a device attemps to play and another what a device can actually really play, so after some more tests what I basically found this phone to be is a h264 baseline level 1b player it can play at other levels (it's not capped on that sense as it's on the profile and the macroblocks) however it seems that for it to work properlly it has to stay around that level.


so for you guys to make it simple that result on the following conditions:


maximiun rate: 1485 macroblock/s (this is, a maximun of 15 fps at the maximun 4:3 resolution 176x132 or a maximiun of around 17.678 fps at the maximun 16:9 resolution 192x108)

maximiun bitrate: this is not really clear, by specs for a device like this, 1b baseline, this should be 128 kbps however the device benefits from a higher bitrate and it seems to play it properlly, the best option here is to experiment for yourself however it seems safe to asume that the device is able to play at bitrates between 128 and 384 kbps like I said try till you get a desired quality and if you you find problems simply decrease the bitrate till it works smooth


well that's all for the video again what's about the audio part in videos? yeah, the device is capable of playing almost any audio song, but does it when in a video? the answer is no, audio alone the phone plays almost anything but when in a video very high audio settings can also mess the video, again unfortunately virtually no info has been released about so after tests what the requisites I found for audio in mp4 file with the above described h264 are:


maximun rate: 24 KHz

maximun bitrate: 80 kbps

maximun channels: 2 (stereo)


so that's all with that you should be able to create videos for your Nokia Asha 201 with any conversor of your choice, after all I must say the result is not bad at all, I tested this very same thing I'm talking about with about a dozen of clips and I would at least say the Nokia Asha 201 is it's a decent mp4 player to me, don't expect diamond sharp bibrant video with bright audio but in general after all it looks good.


now just for your convenience I'll provide a practical example of how to do this (wich is also how I do it). I use a command line tool called ffmpeg, you can get it here:


once uncompressed that with that on your command line you can run these to get the videos for 4:3 and 16:9 resolution respectively:


for %p in (1 2) do @ffmpeg -i input.avi -r 30000/2002 -vf "scale=176x132,pad=176:144:0:6" -aspect 11:9 -c:v h264 -profile:v baseline -level:v 1b -b:v 384k -pass %p -c:a libvo_aacenc -profile:a aac_low -ar 24k -b:a 80k -y output.mp4


for %p in (1 2) do @ffmpeg -i input.avi -r 48000/3003 -vf "scale=192x108,pad=192:112:0:2" -aspect 12:7 -c:v h264 -profile:v baseline -level:v 1b -b:v 384k -pass %p -c:a libvo_aacenc -profile:a aac_low -ar 24k -b:a 80k -y output.mp4


ok, hope that helps

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Re: Nokia Asha 201 video

Am also facing same issue too,pls can a software be available to convert videos, a software that my asha 201 can install and open,cos all software am see does not support asha 201 phones