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Re: Pureview 808 - Blurry Photos - Reduce blur??

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Pureview 808 - Blurry Photos - Reduce blur??


I recently got a Pureview 808 and it is an amazing camera phone.


After the initial excitement of using it the first days, I realized that most of the photos are coming out blurry.

Though in the screen the quality is perfectly clear and sharp, the moment you press the shutter button and the photo is saved, a blurry layer is applied on the photo which covers all details.

I remember reading somewhere that this is intentional, therefor it can be removed somehow in a future update?


This is very time consuming, since you have to sharpen the images manually in photoshop afterwards, resulting in significant loss of detail.


I also have sharpness set to +5 all the time, but this layer of blur is still there. Though, according to the image on the screen, the RAW file would not have such a layer.


Is it possible to make this a setting in a future update? I have also read on the net from other people saying the same thing, that for example out of "800 photos I took, the 500 of them are blurry"


If you are using 8MP mode it is hard to see this since the photo is saved immediately, but if you take a picture with the large resolutions the snapshot stays on the screen for a while so you can see the difference compared to what was on the screen.


Thank you for any replies. This is something very important for me and I think that this camera could become a lot better if this issue was addressed.


All the best,




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Re: Pureview 808 - Blurry Photos - Reduce blur??

Is the software of the device up-to-date? Check if this update is available for your device. If not, you may try re-installing the software of your device. Also, hope this article from Nokia SG website will be of help. :smileyhappy:

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