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Apple Mac - How to update OVI Maps on device if No...

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Apple Mac - How to update OVI Maps on device if Nokia Maploader 1b0.cdt Error

For Mac OSX users here is how to create a World Map from respective,,, and with thanks to Chan1102mistererikus and especially ovikovi

For use at your own risk whilst Nokia Maploader for Mac application continues to fail with the infamous 1b0.cdt File couldn't be uploaded , I might add after deleting your existing map data and wasting your bandwidth downloading new maps which you can't utilise to add insult to injury.


After downloading respective .zip files through links by ovikovi if using Safari in Mac probably to be found in "Downloads". You can leave them here (need to alter source in this case) or to follow instructions exactly drag them to "Documents" folder and unzip each here, giving you folders 351, 352, 353, 354 & 355.


Click on Finder > File > New Folder - give it name WorldMap.


For those unfamiliar with Terminal in Mac Snow Leopard ( Finder > Go > Utilities > Terminal) I suggest that you open this screenshot MergeWorldMaps and keep to hand as "spaces" are critical in Unix.


Type after $ prompt cd Documents <hit return>


Type after $ prompt cp -r 351/* WorldMaps <hit return> nothing appears to be happening as running in background but returns to $ prompt after command completed.


Repeat with cp -r 352/* WorldMaps  as per terminal screenshot and so forth until complete.


You now have WorldMaps folder with contents folders 0 - 9, a - f as here 

World Map


On your Nokia device go to E:CITIES/diskcache and drag folders 0 - 9, a - f to trash and then copy respective folders from newly created WorldMaps  0 -9, a - f to E:\CITIES\diskcache.


Although I have created a World Map this procedure can be used to combine any choice of decompressed country/region/state as required.


Remember that you will also need to download respective continent indices to "ClientIndex" as detailed here 

Merging ClientIndex data

Happy to have helped forum in a small way with a Support Ratio = 37.0

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