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Enhancing the Functionality of Nokia Belle

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Enhancing the Functionality of Nokia Belle

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Nokia recently released the much awaited upgrade Nokia Belle for its users. It brought an all new user experience to the user with great new features. But several basic features from S^3 and Nokia Anna were either missing altogether or have been moved in Nokia Belle. This post has been written with this in mind on how to restore atleast in part the lost functionality in Nokia Belle.


  • No Data log in log records of the phone.

The problem was first noticed in Nokia Anna and wasn't fixed in Nokia Belle.


Solution: An app called Datalog.

This app once installed will keep log records of your packet data and wifi in your phone's default log application itself. A very useful app to overcome the loss of functionality in Belle. This app is a freely available in Nokia Store. A screenshot of the app can be seen here.


  • No option to see background applications from menu.

This feature of accessing background applications from options menu was removed in Belle. Now one has to long press the physical menu key to access the background applications.


Solution: (i) An app called MrAlshahawy App switcher 1.0.
 Apps Switcher saves you the hassle of the 'standard' long press of the menu button. Apps Switcher is mandatory, especially on Nokia Belle as 'Show open applications' menu is removed. This app has been tested in my Nokia C7 with Belle and works fine. A screenshot of the app can be seen here.


Solution: (ii) Tasks Widget 1.0

The widget shows currently  running background applications in homescreen.When two instances of the widget is added in the homescreen, the screeen gets a MeeGo style look. a screenshot of the app can be seen here.


  • No easy switch to power saving mode by tapping battery icon.

This is another essential feature that was done away with in Belle.


Solution: (i) Power Saving Mode Switcher 1.0

Just one press on the application icon of power saving mode switcher and it can switch between power modes. A screenshot of the application icon in the homescreen can be seen here.


Solution: (ii)Battery Status Widget 1.0

The battery status widget has a power saving switch that can be used to turn on and off the power saving mode. This widget is a paid app available in Nokia Store.A screenshot of the app can be seen here.


  • No option to see the power level of the battery by tapping the battery icon.

This was another great feature from S^3 and Anna which was lost in Belle


Solution: (i) Lantersoft Extra Buttons 1.1

Lanternsoft Extra buttons places two additional live buttons on the toolbar of the homescreen and application grid of Symbian Belle Smart Phones. The two buttons can be set to perform any of the following for functions.
- Lock/restart (restart on long press).
- Task switcher
- Brightness control (4 modes -0 %, 50 %, 100 %, autosensor).
- Battery/Power saving mode (on long press). 

A screenshot of the application can be seen here.


Solution: (ii) MrAlshahawy Belle Extra Buttons1.0

Belle extra buttons application is very similar to Lanternsoft extra buttons. It places two additional buttons on the toolbar of the home screen and applications grid.Belle Extra Buttons supports bothLandscape and portrait mode.You can select between:

-Lock / Restart button (Restart phone on long press)

-Battery / Power Saving Mode (Activate /Deactivate Power Saving Mode on long press)

-Task switcher / Close open apps button (Close all open applications on long press).

A screenshot of the application can be seen here.


The former application has been tested in my Nokia C7 and works without any problems. I came across the latter one recently and hence have mentioned it as well.


  • The Default calendar widget shows only one upcoming event.

The calendar widget that came with Nokia Belle annoyed many as it showed only one upcoming event and most preferred the calendar widget from Anna.


Solution: (i) Coming Next 1.36

Coming Next is available in Nokia store as free as well as paid app.  IT sports a triple panel mode and can show four upcoming events. A screenshot of the app is available here.


Solution: (ii) Calendar Events 1.0.2

Calendar Events is a widget to display your next four calendar events on home screen widget including: *Meetings *Anniversaries *ToDo items.

A screenshot of the app is available here.


  • The default digital clock is too big and occupies large amount of homescreen space.

This has been one complaint that I have seen in the discussion boards when Belle was released. The digital clock indeed is very big and uses lot of homescreen space


Solution: (i) Flip Clock Widget 1.2

Flip Widget Watch is an HTC style digital clock for your symbian smart phone's homescreen. With an open widget by clicking on the minutes or hours one can open the clock application and by clicking on the date open the calendar application. A screenshot of the app can be seen here.


Solution: (ii) Cool Clock - Space Widget 1.0

Cool Clock Space widget is an animated widget for your Belle smartphone. It uses much less space compared to the default clock. Tapping on the widget will take you to full screen mode and tapping again will take you to the clock application for setting alarms. The widget has a cool animation in the background as if moving through space. a screen shot of the app can be seen here.


  • The default Social application does not connect and shows connection error.

This has been encountered by many with the recent version of the Social application


Solution: (i) fmobi 3.2

fmobi is a paid app on Nokia store. It is one of the best Facebook clients for your phone. It includes features for sharing status, upload and browse photos, chat and has a homescreen widget. It supports 25 languages as well. Screenshot here.


Solution: (ii) Facinate

It is a free facebook client that can do everything you'd expect it to do. It supports homescreen widget as well. Screenshot here.


  • No bookmarks widget to connect to your favourite websites from home screen.

This widget was missing from the final version of Belle that was released recently.

Solution: Bookmarks widget by Midupk

 A handy widget to view favorite bookmarks on your phone’s home screen. Bookmarks can be added to home screen from widget catalogue where all available bookmarks are displayed as widgets. This app is available in Nokia Store for a small fee. Check out the screenshot here.


  • For those who expected more (homescreens) from Belle.

Solution:  Dual Homescreens Widget 1.0.1

Configures another set of 6 home screen pages, giving you a total of 12 home screen pages and easy one click switching between both. Turns your phone into kind of PC style Multi Desktop. Now you could have 6 pages filled with specific type of widgets (e.g work/business related ) and another 6 pages with other kind of widgets. With one click you can toggle between both sets of home screens. This app is available in Nokia Store for a nominal fee. Check out screenshot here.


  • No Offline toggle widget

This widget was a part of the Belle promotional video but was missing in the final released version along with many other widgets.


Solution: Offline mode timer widget
Offline mode timer is a handy homescreen widget to disable offline mode after a certain time. A predefined timer can be selected from list (1/2,1,2,3,5,8 hrs). Phone will be switched back to previously selected profile after timer is expired. It exactly isn't a toggle but still useful. This one's available in Nokia Store as well. Screenshot here.


I have given here some apps that I feel will enhance the functionality of Nokia Belle... All the apps mentioned here are either availble in Nokia store or have been tested to work in my Nokia C7 Belle. Those who do have any other useful apps that'll fulfill the lost functionality of Belle can post it here... Cheers!!!

Nokia C7: Running on Nokia Belle
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