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My phone goes to voicemail before I can answer it!

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My phone goes to voicemail before I can answer it!

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How to change the ringing time


The length of time that your phone rings time is primarily a network issue, though Call Divert settings can influence it. You should be aware, however, that your network may have settings which override these settings in your phone, if this proves to be the case you should contact them - sometimes they are able to increase the ring time from their end.


Getting to the call divert settings may vary depending on your phone model:


Typical S40 models:
Menu>Settings>Call>Call divert


Typical S60 models (N/E-series):
Menu>Tools>Settings>Phone>Call divert


Typical S60 models (6220 Classic and similar):
Menu>Settings>Phone Settings>Phone>Call divert


S60 5th Edition (eg: 5800 Xpress Music):

Menu>Settings>Calling>Call divert


Once here, the procedure should be the same for all phones:


  • Select Voice calls (this stage may not be present on simpler phones which support only voice calls)
  • Select If not answered
  • Select Activate
  • Select To voice mailbox
  • Choose time (between 5 and 30 seconds)


Other things to check:


There are a couple of other factors that may help you to respond to your phone in time, especially if your phone spends its day in a pocket or bag or if you are often in a noisy place:


Volume - On the vast majority of Noka phones from recent years, if you have the volume set to the highest level, your it will automatically be in "Ascending mode", a safety feature which begins the tone quietly and increases the sound gradually to full volume. Setting the tone to one level below highest will retain the standard volume throughout the ringing.


Which tone? - Choosing the right tone is also key to being able to respond quickly to an incoming call. A tune that starts suddenly and loudly will be much easaier to react to than one which fades in gradually - for this reason, a typical rock tune is better than a typical classical tune.



Edit: S60 5th info added - thanks Psychomania!

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