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No Gateway Reply when connecting to Wlan

Mobile Overlord
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No Gateway Reply when connecting to Wlan

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Listed below are solutions which have worked in the past for those getting a "No gateway" message when trying to connect to a wlan.


1. Check to see if MAC filtering is enabled on your router, if it is, you will need to add the MAC address of your phone to the "allowed" list. Use the code *#62209526# to get your phones MAC address.

2. On your pc/laptop, click on Start>Run and type ipconfig/all and note the settings for:

a) Subnet Mask
b) Default Gateway
c) DNS Servers

Now, on your Phone settings: Goto Menu>tools>settings>connection>access points. Select your WLAN access point and go to Advanced settings then IPv4 settings.


For phone IP address: Start with the Default Gateway IP and change the last number to something else. Do not use the same IP as Gateway of any of your pc's.
For Subnet mask and Default gateway use the same as on PC
For DNS address: Change to user defined and enter same settings as on PC

3. Check for firmware updates for your router and install if there is one.


4. Try different channel settings on your router.


5. Disable WirelessLAN Power saving mode. To do this, goto Tools>Settings>Connection>Wireless LAN>Options>Advanced settings>Automatic configuration>change>Power saving, set this to disabled.

6. Disabling QoS (Quality of Service) has been known to resolve this issue on some routers.



Note: As with all my other posts in the PoK, please feel free to update, amend and add as neccesary.

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