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Re: Belle Update Comments

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Belle Update Comments

Hello Nokia,


I have been Nokia customer from years. From 3315, 1100, 2100, 1600, 2300, 6610i, N70 and now E7.


I am using Nokia E7-00 and happy with the mobile. Just got updated from Anna to Belle.


OK, Belle is nice in,
     1. UI - menu links, the was shortcuts are being handled on screen, more screens, browser text
     2. Speed
     3. Got really nice apps to be utilized for office use

Few changes, I don't like are,
     1. Removed softlink to see open applications - only physical menu button is the way.
     2. Removed softlink to activate power saving mode - again only physical power button is the way.
     3. Profile changing have to be done either with power button or widget, and widget is very unattractive (here UI didn't work)
     4. Calendar widget is showing only 1 entry.
     5. Music player widget is unnecessarily too big.
     6. To run Google Map have to keep WiFi turned on, not connected, just on, otherwise it will crash. - Hats off to you guys who found the solution.
     7. Some apps have been unavailable from OVI for belle i.e. Adobe Reader LE 2.5, NFS Shift, WiFi Cheema



     1. When widgets updates are expected to be released/provided?

     2. When can we expect Skype Video calling?

     3. When can we expect RDC (Remote Desktop Connection) application (Term Viewer is available for iPhone and Android) ?

     4. Why not any Adobe application available for belle to open password protected document? If availabe what is it?


Expencting some reply from you !!!


Thnak you !!!

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Re: Belle Update Comments

1. I agree even i need soft key for opening background apps. [Don't know wether it will added in upcoming update changes are less, but we can expect a widget for that]

2. For power saving mode you can install Battery Monitor 2 in which you can activate it.

3. I think Profile widget is not that bad !!

4. Big calender widget will be added in upcoming Update.

5. Compact music player widget will be added in next update.

6. Google map bug has to solved by developers from google Map team.

7. Adobe reader is already included in updated belle please check once again.


1. Skype video calling is expected for belle devices everyone is hoping for that but don't know and this has to be released from Skype.

2. I don't thing we can smell team viewer.
3. You need to download Smart Pixcel a 3rd party app to open password protected pdf docs.

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Re: Belle Update Comments

I found a bug in Belle. I am using my C7-00 with speakerphone HF-210 in my car. The voice dialing became now unreliable, because the device is no longer triggering the short audio signal, indicating that -speak now-.


 So, falling back to Anna.

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Re: Belle Update Comments



I too have E7


My remarks about update from Anna to Belle are:


1. RSS widget is missing

2. Can't even put a link to the RSS feeds or bookmarks on my homescreen (although the onboard manual says it is possible)

3. Webbrowser: pictures in e.g. facebook are too small and of very poor quality (so zooming isn't an option)

The 2 beams on top and at the bottom of the screen of the new browser take too much space especially in landscape mode (the semi-transparant buttons "back" and "menu" in the Anna browser were much better)

4. Music player: switching from the player widget (while playing music) to the full player doesn't get you directly to "now playing" but leads to the library (i do this to adjust the volume without using the physical volume button) And album covers are of very poor picture quality (same files as in Anna, where this wasn't an issue)


So nokia please resolve or explain how i can get back to Anna.


Thank you.

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Re: Belle Update Comments

[ Edited ]

You cannot go back to Anna. Downgrade is not possible Here. So Love belle if not force yourself to love it these are the two options Nokia has given.

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Re: Belle Update Comments

RFB Touch Light is available on OVI for RDC (Remote Desktop Connection) .
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Re: Belle Update Comments

For those who're missing the soft keys for task switching and battery power save option, try lantern soft extra buttons... This app will two more buttons on your status bar... You've four options which include the key lock button, task switcher, battery power save mode and brightness control.
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