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Belle Widgets re-sizable?

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Belle Widgets re-sizable?

Firstly  :- Well done Nokia 10 X improvement much slicker and smooth   very happy so far.


One of the big features of Belle was resable widgets.  How do I resize widgets?  (at the moment I can't fit on all the widgets I used to have on my "main" screen)  


Is there a way to move widgets across Homescreens?


As far as I can see some widgets can only appear once (across 6 homescreens) and if its on homescreen 3 all set-up you can't then move to homescreen 1 




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Re: Belle Widgets re-sizable?

Hi n8paul,

There will be no re-sizable widgets in Belle. You can only choose different form factors like there are different Clock widgets, both in Size as in Function.

To move your widgets across homescreen hold the widget you wish to move and then drag across to the homescreen you wish to move to.

I have attached a link to a video guide on some basic functions of Nokia Belle which includes information on widgets.!

Hope this helps.


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Re: Belle Widgets re-sizable?

Thanks for quick reply   I understand what you mean (I got the widgets to move across screens :smileyhappy:  )


I remember reading there were 5 sizes of widgets  there doesn't seem to be that choice only

Clock, Analogue

Clock, Digital



the email widget is now massive  is their a smaller version (3rd party even?) 





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Re: Belle Widgets re-sizable?

I too would like to have a smaller email widget, occupying one slot.


Also the 'search' widget now takes up twice as much space.


I miss, from Anna, the widget that combined time / date / profile ... and also offered 1-touch access to launch clock / calendar / profile selection.


My Anna home screen used six widgets for displaying:

1. Time/Date/Profile - offering 1-touch access to clock, calendar and profile selection applications;
2. Notifier - offering 1-touch access to messaging / phone, as appropriate;
3. BizCalendar - 4 upcoming events and access to BizCalendar app;
4. MailForExchange widget, showing 2 recent emails;
5. FrequentContacts.
6. Search Widget.


So far, I've found it impossible to replicate that functionality. 

For all the good things in Belle, it does look as if substance has lost out to style, I'm afraid.



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Re: Belle Widgets re-sizable?

Had the same question because the Calendar widget is just way and way too smal with just 1 (!!??) line and the clock is just WAY to big :smileysad:

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Re: Belle Widgets re-sizable?

I, too, would like a calendar widget that showed more than one event. Perhaps one that shows my day's agenda, that scrolls by touch like the email widget?


I would also like a one-slot-height time/date widget that, when clicked, would open the clock app.  The curent analog and digital widgets are too tall (both are two-slot-height).

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