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Re: My Nokia E7-00 Belle update - the good, the ba...

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My Nokia E7-00 Belle update - the good, the bad, and the not so good

[ Edited ]

Late last night I installed Belle on my E7-00 Anna.  It was a completely hands-off install using the USB cable connected to my PC.  It took about 15 minutes with multiple restarts of the phone all done by the software update.


I have a 12MB Internet connection (or so my service provider claims) and a UPS backup to reduce the chance of failure due to a poor Internet connection or untimely power outage.


The update was uneventful and the update software did perform a backup before the actual update began.  I did do a backup myself of the Anna install before doing the Belle update.


Although I am technically very experienced and competent with Windows based computer hardware and software,  I don't consider myself particularly knowledgeable in cell phone technology.  So I was glad to see the update go smoothly.


However, all was not peaches and cream after the update completed.  Once I started to use the phone I found that many, though not all, of additional application I had downloaded under Anna were no longer on the phone.  Also, many settings were gone as well such as my WLAN settings, and later I found all my Favorites gone.


I spent a couple of hours going through all the menus reorganizing the interface and the various options to get the phone in what I consider to be a usable state.  These things are made so that one can optimize to suit ones needs and I take advantage of that.


I'm disappointed that I had to spend so much time and effort doing this (actually redoing what had been done in Anna) and feel that the update should have, and could have, kept many of my settings.  I understand that the new widgets and home screens meant a re-jigging of those things but, for example, why did I have to re-enter all the WLAN settings required to connect to my home router, including a very long security string? More below.


I am glad that I did the update in spite of all the time and trouble to get everything working again and to suit my personal preferences.  I suspect a lot of users who have less experience than I in these things will be seeking help to get all their phone features working again.


Perhaps it would be useful to explain how I use my phone.  This is my 6th or 7th cell phone and I'm on my second cell service provider (about 8 years).  I have had cell phones continuously ever since they were small enough to carry on one's belt.


I am not a power user.  I use the camera occasionally for recording information.  I don't download music for listening but occasionally listen to music from the Internet via WLAN.  I have not sent more than about a dozen text message in my life, though I have unlimited texting in my cell service package.


I use my cell phone mostly for business calls.  I do not have any data service from my service provider.  I tried the data service for about 3 months but found that I used it very little.  I don't have a Twitter account (thinking about it) nor a Facebook account (and not thinking about it) so other than the rare instance to search the Internet for some information (when not near my own WLAN connection) I found little use for it.  Data service here in Canada is one of the most expensive of any country (or so I have seen reported on the Internet).  So I decided to save the money.


I do all of my email at my office or at home on desktop PCs with big screens and full size keyboards.  Occasionally I connect to my home WLAN with my phone to check email or to check for updates to the phone software.  But I don't like to do much typing on the phone keyboard, even though it is really a very good keyboard for a cell phone.


I do use the map/GPS feature regularly and think it is one of the best I've used.  I've gone through about five stand-alone GPS units which gives me some reference for comparison.


I'm not much of a game player, never have been, even on my computer.  I do have Angry Birds because it was free, and it is nice once in awhile to have something to occupy time when waiting at a doctors office or for a haircut, etc. and all the newspapers and magazines are old.


Here are things that I especially like about the new Nokia (Symbian) Belle software update:


I like the clock screen saver (I use the digital version rather than the analog display) because I can quickly look at my phone without having to unlock it and see the time/date (I've stopped wearing a watch).  It is also a great nightstand clock and alarm.  With the Light Bar app installed it is not too bright for sleeping but visible when needed.  I suspect though that it is sucking a lot of battery power and I may have to disable the clock screen saver if battery charging is too frequent.


The user interface is very good.  It is terribly easy to add or remove widgets and move them around on the home screen to suit ones needs.  The bar across the bottom makes accessing the applications menu, phone dialer, or options menu extremely quick and easy.


The pull down connectivity menu is superb.  With one touch I can turn on or off my Bluetooth, which I use with my car hands-free feature everyday.  Turning Bluetooth often when not need saves power.  With three taps of the screen I can connect to my home router, or disconnect with one tap.


A new capability that I now have and wished for previously on my E7 (but couldn't figure out how to do) is being able to put my phone in Off-line mode and still use the WLAN feature.  This is great in the evening at home when I don't want to be connected to my cell phone provider, but I do want to look up something quickly on the Internet without going to my desktop PC.


After the Belle update I found that I still had the following applications (originally installed in Anna) still available on the phone:


  •   Angry Birds
  •   US and Canada Maps plus voice guidance
  •   App Stop Camera Lover Pack (multiple apps)
  •   Opera Mini
  •   Sticky Notes


Here is a list of software and setting that were no longer on the phone after the Belle update:




  • Public Transportation
  • Beeps and Vibrations voice guidance
  • Converter
  • GPS Info QT
  • Compass Lite
  • Nokia Internet Radio
  • Display Brightness Control
  • Nokia Battery Monitor 2
  • Compass Touch
  • Here and Now




  • WLAN settings and password strings for three routers
  • Start-up custom Welcome message
  • Phone display settings
  • Route settings for maps
  • Voice guidance settings
  • Home location for maps
  • Lost all Favorites including many map locations and Internet radio Favorites
  • Lost all call logs
  • Lost all phone pairing - car and headset
  • Lost call mailbox number


Since I have had the Belle update for less than 24 hours I am certain that there is more for me to discover.  But I thought it may be useful to provide this experience report as a heads-up for those about to do the same.  And now I will have to update my E6-00.

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Re: My Nokia E7-00 Belle update - the good, the bad, and the not so good

Nice review..thanks
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Re: My Nokia E7-00 Belle update - the good, the bad, and the not so good

Good review.
Another thing that i discover is that "desactivate alarm" function disappear.
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Re: My Nokia E7-00 Belle update - the good, the bad, and the not so good

For some reason, after my Belle update, my E7 keeps restarting now and then when I try to open some app. Anyone else faces this problem?

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Re: My Nokia E7-00 Belle update - the good, the bad, and the not so good

My E7-00 has been rendered unusable thus far by the update. During the final portion of the install, I was greeted by a plesant "somethings wrong" error in Nokia Suite. After clicking the okay button it brought up a "Installing Support Software" message, which also failed. The phone still seems to work, but its extrodinarily slow. Restarting (several times) did nothing to help, nothing seems to be running in the background. About 40 minutes ago I opened the Store application which prompted for an update. The update is still running, the progress bar just hit the 2/3rds mark on the preparing installation dialog box...


The update went smoothly on my N8 last night, unfortunately the E7 is my primary phone.


On the plus side, the game Slice It! seems to have survived the transition on my E7, it vanished on my N8 and now seems to be completely missing from the store.

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Re: My Nokia E7-00 Belle update - the good, the bad, and the not so good

You guys are very clever with these devices, i battle to get on the forum, anyway ...a little help please , my back camera on the E7 just show me a blank screen with icons ...??? Front camera is fine, anyone have any advice
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Re: More - My Nokia E7-00 Belle update - the good, the bad, and the not so good

Since my first post about my update from Anna to Belle on my E7 (/t5/Software-Updates/My-Nokia-E7-00-Belle-update-the-good-the-bad-and-the-not-so-good/m-p/1301411) I have tried to get Nokia to resolve some issues, so far without success.


Right now I am asking Nokia to recover the many map Favorites which were lost during the Belle update.  It would take a lot of flying and traveling thousands of kilometers to get those GPS locations back.


I did a full backup just minutes prior to the Belle update, so I believe that all the data is still there in the (Anna) backup.


After the Belle update I did not lose my contacts, calendar, notes, messages, photos, music, videos, maps, or voice guidance files, therefore it seems to me that the map favorites should have been retained as well.


Frankly I don't understand why any settings or data should have been lost during the Belle update.  I did not loose any data when I did the Anna update.


The data I lost, such as WIFI settings, Favorites, startup text message and many settings do not require any significant file space for backup and are all text files.  Saving and reinstalling such data after the Belle update should have been a no-brainer for the Nokia Belle programmers.


The Belle update FAQ

does not mention the loss of map Favorites.


The Belle update FAQ has other misinformation, such as "All apps are deleted on Nokia Belle ... please reinstall them via Nokia Store."  This is not correct information.  As mentioned in my first post some of the applications I had downloaded and installed from the OVI store into Anna were still there after the Belle update.


I have decided to wait a long time before updating my Nokia E6-00 to Belle as I don't want to have all these hastles again.  Perhaps things will be fixed in a couple of months.


There are some really good things about the Belle update, but the problems make it difficult to enjoy them.


I am supposed to get a reply back from a second level tech.  I will post it if the information is useful.

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Re: More - My Nokia E7-00 Belle update - the good, the bad, and the not so good

If you never sync'ed the favorites with the Ovi/Nokia online service, then I'm afraid it is lost. Otherwise the Maps favorites and routes should appear after sync:

1: Open Maps (the one with the compass needle)

2: Click the magnifier icon in the bottom line

3: Click the star icon at upper right

4: Click the round double arrow icon at bottom middle




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Re: More - My Nokia E7-00 Belle update - the good, the bad, and the not so good

Thank you for the feedback hpholm.

I hope that you are very wrong about having to sync with OVI online services.  I have never done that.  Nowhere have I seen that as a requirement to store all the data on my phone.  And as I said, I do not pay for a data service with my cell provider and only connect my phone to the Internet through my home or work router, or through my PC via USB cable. So syncing to a remote site is not attractive to me.

My impression from Nokia on-line information is that the Nokia Suite application, which runs on my PC, backs up my phone - everything.  Where is the logic in backing up everything except my map Favorites.  Why would those be an exception?

Additionally, I am not interested in having to backup my confidential information to someone else's server where (in my opinion) I have less security than on my own PC (I do tech support and know how to lock down a computer).

Also, in most cases when one puts information on someone else's server, especially a free service from the like of Google, Facebook, Twitter, (might I suggest Nokia?) etc.  one loses control and rights to that information.  I'm unwilling to do that simply because someone else thinks it is good for me to do.  Ha!

Nothing is truly free.  You pay somehow.  These service aren't there because they are altruistic.  How many billions is the IPO for Facebook worth?  Gotta be a reason.  All that information that people put there about themselves and others is the reason.

I doubt Facebook would pay me anything to put personal info on their site.  I assume most people would think me a bit loony to expect it.

In any event, though there is a lot to like about the Belle update, there are a lot of unnecessary complications, with no warnings!

As I read the posts about peoples experiences with the Belle update I'm seeing a lot of disappointment.  From my experience in computing hardware, software and network support it is my opinion that the Belle update was rushed and was done in a less than professional manner.

From what I've been reading, people who have updated to Belle have generally expected it to be near perfect and hassle free, and many are really disappointed.  The end experience with the Anna update was much better in my opinion.  Not good for Nokia customer relations. 


Nokia customer loyalty easily rivaled that of Apple.  But that has been seriously damaged with things like trashing Memo, going with the MS Windows phone OS, and a disappointing Belle update for all those expensive Nokia smart phones.  Kinda dumb.

I suspect that most if not all of the first line developers have been pulled off Symbian to do development work on the Windows phone OS.  The missing or incomplete bits and pieces in Belle, plus some gratuitous changes suggest less then experienced software developers working on Belle.

Enough grousing.  I just hope that things get fixed, but I'm feeling very pessimistic right now.  I wouldn't mind being proved wrong.

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Re: More - My Nokia E7-00 Belle update - the good, the bad, and the not so good

[ Edited ]

This is a very interesting point you bring to discussion and I'm so agree with you about our own privacy. That's something all Android / Google and Facebook users must take in it's real perspective. Google will start from march 1st to cross user profiles and information (officially at least, if they're not doing that right now unofficially) and Facebook is doing something just like that with their "Timeline", but Google is worst because it will even take a log of all the user calls (numbers called, time, location, etc.).

Europe has stopped Google somehow with this privacy policy modifications but in the rest of the world our consumers defense is not so good and they're doing as they please.

If this is where they're going I'm very well far away from them and sincerely hope Nokia is not going that way at all.


Best regards.

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Re: My Nokia E7-00 Belle update - the good, the bad, and the not so good

my nokia E7 front camera is not working after i installed Belle, it show me a blank screen with a red icon on. i tried to change some setting but yet no solution and Now i don't know wat to do any more. 

Pls i need yr help 



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Re: My Nokia E7-00 Belle update - the good, the bad, and the not so good

i recently updated my nokia e7 from anna to belle. i am now having a problem with the headset. it's not working anymore but i am very sure that the headset is not broken since i have been using it before i updated. i went to nokia store and the technician told me to reprogram my phone and it's gonna cost me money. so please if anyone know how to fix this problem tell me asap.. thanks.


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Re: More - My Nokia E7-00 Belle update - the good, the bad, and the not so good

i am facing the same,,,on my E7 after automatic update to belle
also i would like to add,
1) Touch screen (set level) option is missing (till now i didn't see)..
2) Can't able to unlock by pressing menu button and then unlock screen option.
3) when i unlock by scroll switch( left side),, it responds quite late...Anna it was immediately...
4) when i call someone it is ok,,after call complete screen show black,,,it is not showing calling screen and disconnect buttons...

Please help
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Re: More - My Nokia E7-00 Belle update - the good, the bad, and the not so good

Even other problems like during call ...Speaker is not working...
also network connection is not working for internet...pls help...
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Re: My Nokia E7-00 Belle update - the good, the bad, and the not so good

Guys i wana update to belle,bt im afraid with all this stories....
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Re: My Nokia E7-00 Belle update - the good, the bad, and the not so good

i updated my E7 two days ago. during the backup process Nokia suite gave a message reporting that it was failing to backup file is the system folder called 'MCs' and it said i should do it manually. when i did it manually my phone gave an error message that said can not copy the file. i proceeded with the update and all went well.

i downloaded Opera mini 7 and Whatsapp, they are working well. BUT, nokia store is not connecting, it reports internet connection problem, the same applies to applications like Chat apps, Shazam, Nokia recommends, Microsoft Services, Weather, CNN Intl, and Social.

Please help me out.

Overally i am inlove with NOKIA BELLE. its the best ever. only the above are limiting me
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Re: My Nokia E7-00 Belle update - the good, the bad, and the not so good

Finally, i resolved the problem. My phone is running smooth now, Belle is really amazing. Go for it guys, to all who have not updated yet.
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Re: My Nokia E7-00 Belle update - the good, the bad, and the not so good

where to download nokia ovi store, is not on my e 7
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Re: My Nokia E7-00 Belle update - the good, the bad, and the not so good

I can't update my E7, I get the following error code 12052. I'm using Nokia Suite.

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Re: My Nokia E7-00 Belle update - the good, the bad, and the not so good

I found that those apps I'd lost after the upgrade to Belle we down to them not being compatable with the OS. I lost quite a few themes.

The only problem I really found is that the backup restore hung & never completed so I had to restore manually.