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Security Code Prompt After Update

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Security Code Prompt After Update

Hi all, 


Nokia Belle brought mixed feelings - I kinda like some of the stuff and dislike others. Overall, I am happy with it to be honest - looks fresh, new, fast and user-friendly. 


I am, however, experiencing an issue. Every time I restart or switch on my phone, A security code prompt appears. I have to enter an invalid security code (because I have no idea what the security code on my N8-00 is) in order to resume normal phone experience. 


Anyone any ideas on how I can fix that. 


Thanks, appreciate your help :smileyhappy: 

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Re: Security Code Prompt After Update

 Please see the following advice taken from the Nokia Belle FAQ;



 After the update to Nokia Belle, my phone asks me to enter a new security code. I do this and get an error message stating "code error". What should I do?

You have to enter your existing lock code to your phone when asked after the update to Nokia Belle. Be sure to do this only after Nokia Suite states that the update has been successfully performed. The lock code is requested after the update only if you have defined it earlier by locking your phone. If you fail to enter your existing lock code, an error message "code error" is show. You will be able to use the phone even if a wrong code is entered, but your phone will continue to ask for the lock code every time you start your phone. Your phone will also prevent you from performing secure operations, such as locking your phone manually or restoring factory settings, until the correct code has been entered once.

In some situations your phone may repeatedly ask you to enter the security code. If this happens, then please try to enter your existing security code a few times until the phone stops asking for it. If you enter a wrong code too many times, your phone will ignore any entered codes for some period of time. In this situation, please wait for some minutes and then try again. If you are unable to continue, you may also turn off the phone by pressing your phone’s power button for about 10 seconds, then wait for 5 minutes or more and then start the phone again. If you don’t remember your existing lock code or your phone does not accept it even after multiple tries, please visit your local Nokia Carepoint (locations are visible via 


 The default security code is usually 12345 unless you changed it yourself and in some cases, operator branded handsets might have a different security code which should be visible on a sticker on the box the phone came in. It will be located near to the IMEI number.



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Re: Security Code Prompt After Update




please inform us if you find a solution

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