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Re: What 'WE" need from NEXT 5800 FIRMWARE!!

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What 'WE" need from NEXT 5800 FIRMWARE!!

First i should say these are just suggestions, NOT FOR EXPERTS, JUST FOR USERS!!


In my view point almost all the XM nokia devices have MUSIC buttons, Hense with the touch interface, "IF" nokia can give, Small music Buttons on idle screen, ONLY when music play in background, that would be great, (may be as a drop down menu)


In idle screen, when plays music, volume keys doesn't work. "IF" they can be activated for the task it would be great.


When Scrolling music Library, contacts, etc its bit hard to find what am looking for at once, as it scroll controll seems bit too fast, BETTER "IF" scrolling speed control method is used.(As in other branded touch devices)




ANIMATED MENU ICON OPTION- As an option, Animate the menu ICONS AS IN ORGANIZE MODE (it zooms when selected), better if this added as an option, since some users may not like it.






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Re: What 'WE" need from NEXT 5800 FIRMWARE!!

A 'mark several' option please...


The scrolling speed is an excellent point.. I thought it was just me.. everytime I take my finger off the scroll it moves down.. I have to do it like really slowly to get to where I want..  a bit annoying.. so I'll second this !



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Re: What 'WE" need from NEXT 5800 FIRMWARE!!

fix the headset bluetooth problem and add more shortcut icons on desktop for me  :smileywink:
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Re: What 'WE" need from NEXT 5800 FIRMWARE!!

better camera quality, more shortcuts on desktop (maybe widgets as well if it's possible), stop music if the earphone gets unplugged!!

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Re: What 'WE" need from NEXT 5800 FIRMWARE!!

Option to control the "On unplug" event is better. Often I plug out the headset with the intention of it going to loudspeaker. Choice is better.


But PLEASE, IF NOTHING ELSE: LANDSCAPE IDLE SCREEN!!! There is that horrible extra wait, when the phone is in landscape and switches to/from something that can't do landscape, and we have to put up with it EVERY TIME WE GO TO THE IDLE SCREEN! Whatever about legacy applications, come on, it's the idle screen!

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Re: What 'WE" need from NEXT 5800 FIRMWARE!!

I have to agree, landscape standby mode would be ver welcome. I primarily use the phone in landscape mode because I'm used to that mode since my 5510, it would be a welcome addition :smileyhappy:
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Re: What 'WE" need from NEXT 5800 FIRMWARE!!

I'll list in points:

-Landscape  homescreen

-More shortcuts on it like the Samsung Omina HD

-A better internet browser, the one on it sucks!, it always crashes what ever i do!

-A better video player, that does not blink when playing videos

-A solution to the LCD problem, the lines thing, here go to youtube and see 

: i have the same thing



These are "SOME" of my problems on the nokia 5800, i should have never bought this phone. the iPhone is much better.

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Re: What 'WE" need from NEXT 5800 FIRMWARE!!

[ Edited ]

You say you have a youtube movie of it; can you pass on the link?


[EDIT] Nevermind, I checked youtube and found it. While I don't have the same problem you have, there's another clip up there that reflects the same thing I have.


Sorry Nokia, you were king of the road for a while, but other vendors are stepping up. Do something!

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Re: What 'WE" need from NEXT 5800 FIRMWARE!!

1.landscape homescreen (important)

2.better user interface (important)

3.better camera quality

4.better sound quality and equalizer (important)

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Re: What 'WE" need from NEXT 5800 FIRMWARE!!

Here's my two cents (I'm using firmware v20 - vodafone branded).


* Internet radio - the built in FM radio sucks.

* Landscape-able home screen.

* 360 degree rotation (like iPhone - although copyright/patent restrictions may apply).

* Predictive text on full-screen-keyboard input (maybe "select word" & "next word" keys).

* Minimizable realplayer (currently stops when loses focus).

* Faster, smoother transitions (apparently better in v21).

* Customizable media bar - add 3rd party apps (there's room for a further 2 apps).

* Multi-item clipboard on media bar.

* More icons on home screen shortcut bar (up to 8 icons on two lines horizontally centered & padded). 

* Better stability (less lockups).

* Reduced memory card corruptions (the 8gb that came with the phone has corrupted twice due to phone crashes).

* Decent A2DP support (doesn't keep cutting out).

* Ability to use built-in IM on WiFi as an option (there's apparently a workaround available).

* Customizable folder icons (for example Games folder).

* Easier scrolling on lists (use vol up/down to scroll?).

* Diagonals on virtual d-pad (e.g. pressing left and up is impossible in java games).

* JSR-256 (sensor api for java - ok, it's available as a beta plugin).

* Better power management (apparently improved in v21).

* Tabbed web browsing.

* Ogg vorbis support in media player (I'm sure a DRM wrapper is possible).

* Gapless playback in media player.

* Egg timer function in alarms - I don't want to do maths when cooking a pizza.

* HTML support in messaging (I tried Nokia messaging - it's appalling).

* More stable WiFi (occasionally doesn't connect or connection corrupted).


And please, enforce providers (vodafone, o2, etc) to keep firmwares up to date (i'm thinking of changing the product code on mine as i've given up on voda releasing updates).


Apart from all this, it's a fantastic phone - I'd rather this than an iPhone any day.


P.s. Get these sorted and make it more accessible to develop for and you've killed the iPhone (in Europe/Asia anyway). 


P.p.s. An "unified" operating system model could be applied - seriously, the N97 is pretty much a 5800xm with slightly better hardware specs and a keyboard - this would reduce bugs and development resources.


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Re: What 'WE" need from NEXT 5800 FIRMWARE!!


this phone already has **bleep** hardware in my opinion, so maybe nokia could improve the software


landscape homescreen

360 degree rotation

media bar customisation, adding 2 more apps or changing them all

more icons on shortcut bar

lesser crashes, better memory usage

as already said: * Easier scrolling on lists (use vol up/down to scroll?). (very good idea)

play music without gaps

built in pdf reader

n97 like homescreen, with the widget hide ability

an ability to use apps for the nokia n95 sensor on the nokia 5800

mark/unmark button, not edit (like on n97)

more menu effects, selectable which one u want

better equaliser

music stops when pulling headphones


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Re: What 'WE" need from NEXT 5800 FIRMWARE!!

[ Edited ]

I agree with the others but would like to add the following:


  • Copy-Paste Function for WiFi-Key is absolutely essential!! Some WiFi keys require 32 digits and I have tried to manually key in a specific one with lots of special characters without any success.
  • The green confirmation tick after texting should be somewhere on the right side or at least in the center to be closer for right-handers.

Regarding the iphone 3G: I personally find a lot of features that Nokia have put into the 5800 are much better thought through than on the iphone. For example:


  • The choice between different keyboards when sms-texting: I still prefer numberpad to qwerty keyboard. That choice doesn't exist on iphone
  • Messaging in general: I prefer the ability on 5800 to choose within 'messaging' whether I want to send sms or email rather than on the iphone's homescreen. For example, I am in Inbox of sms but would like to send an email instead, I get a choice immediately how to send a message. Not on iphone, where I always have to go back to the homescreen first.
  • Connectivity choices: much better choice on 5800 on what connectivity I want to use: eg phone cellular network or wifi with one or two clicks. On iphone I always need to go to homepage, settings, wifi, if I don't have wifi turned on constantly.
  • Of course multitasking!!! And being able to see, what apps are open, thus running in the background. This is not possible on iphone, but then I don't know if it matters?

So far, I do not really compare the two phones: for me the iphone is much more interesting as a pda due to its larger screen and better apps and touchability, while the 5800 is a better phone choice. So from my side: well done, Nokia, for a really decent touch screen phone with entertainment features. I just wish the hardware would be of a higher less plasticky, more stylish, and slimmer built while the screen dimensions remain as they are.
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Re: What 'WE" need from NEXT 5800 FIRMWARE!!

I personally think the hardware is good - for the price anyway (I've put it in a rubber casing though as the camera corner fixing problem is a bit annoying).


A PDF reader IS available, but you've got to pay for it (first time i've had to on a Symbian platform).

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Re: What 'WE" need from NEXT 5800 FIRMWARE!!

[ Edited ]

Good list of points. Agree especially with original_red's points.


I've finally got the 20.x version today been stuck on the old 10.x version for ages.


Am well impressed with the improvements on this update but still plenty more to do.


My wish list includes:



  • By the way Egg Timer is now available in the Downloads! app. But you have to pay for full version which is a joke!! Give us a free one... how hard can this be to code!
  • Built in RSS feed reader is corrupting - Add some way to clear cache or fix. Mine spontaneously died last week, started saying "unknown error" - how reassuring!
  • Gapless playback 
  • Images and Videos shortcut should go straight to Images & Videos and not "Gallery"!! Extra navigation for this is so annoying!
  • Better caching of web page elements for quicker page loads
  • Album art cover flow - (no doubt patented by you know who)
  • Easier switching between Image and Video capture mode on camera. Why 2 presses to switch modes!



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Re: What 'WE" need from NEXT 5800 FIRMWARE!!

[ Edited ]

Hey everyone,

I would like more 2 things that u haven't mentioned

1. Home screen like in Nokia 5530

2. Meniu acces with a button on home screen

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Re: What 'WE" need from NEXT 5800 FIRMWARE!!

Improved Homescreen
Nokia Photo Browser Integration
Improved UI speed and stability
Improved bluetooth stability
Improved Camera Image Stabilizer
2-click Music Play


and id like to have this before i die preferabbly.

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Re: What 'WE" need from NEXT 5800 FIRMWARE!!

landscape homescreen
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Re: What 'WE" need from NEXT 5800 FIRMWARE!!

Well... Anij has it all spot on. I agree, the 5800 is a decent phone. >>decent<< is the keyword here. It isn't a particularly great phone, but it gets you around. I'm definetely going to switch to the N97 (or an equivilent) when this (1 year) contract expires, I'm just waiting for Nokia to mature the technology a bit. So yeah, that's it I think: the 5800 is nice for a first attempt. Learn from this experience, Nokia. Give us an Aeon or something like that :smileywink:
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Re: What 'WE" need from NEXT 5800 FIRMWARE!!

The two most important things for me personally are:


1. Better camera quality [Absolutely necessary]

2. H.264 codec support


Other than these two features I would also love


1. Ngage

2. Screen rotation in every direction

3. Standby landscape mode

4. Scrolling speed control

5. Minor bugs (Notification light, coloured bars appearing on qwerty) fixed

6. Better web browser 

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Re: What 'WE" need from NEXT 5800 FIRMWARE!!

I agree with everything above, but i would also like to see something similar to coverflow, I have read that the samsung omnia hd does this as well as the iphone, why not us?