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White blinking screen X2-01

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White blinking screen X2-01

My nokia X2-01 suddenly flashed a white screen and started to blink. The phone would continue blinking until the battery is dead. I tried bringing it to a local repair shop (not nokia care) and they said that the phone needs to be formatted. After I got it, the phone was working again. After one week, the white blinking screen continued. We brought it to the same local repair shop. They said that the phone's software needed to be updated and said it costs 500 pesos. I hesitated because I know that it is free to update the phone. What I don't know is how they managed to update the phone's software if it is not turning on properly and the computer can't detect it.


I also tried removing the battery, memory card and sim card. Now the phone would not turn on at all. Please help. :smileysad:


Is this the real problem of my phone? How can I fix it. Thank you for answering. :smileyhappy:

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Re: White blinking screen X2-01

Hi pleaseeeheeelp,


Welcome to Nokia Support Discussions!


We would strongly advise you to take your phone to an authorised Nokia Care point and let them have a look. This is because if you get your phone flashed at a random repair shop, they may install wrong or faulty firmware on it, causing further damage to the phone and voiding any existing warranty. Flashing and blinking screen may indicate that there is a hardware issue, one more reason to visit your local Nokia Care point. 


Let us know how you get on,



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