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Re: e7: belle will fix anna issues?

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e7: belle will fix anna issues?

present anna on my E7 has the following bugs:

1. log app not logging data packets

2. music player equaliser not accessible

3. junk / spam mail not sync-ing in the email app


any thoughts anyone?

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Re: e7: belle will fix anna issues?

music player EQ can only be reached whilst you have a song playing.

whilst playing click "options" then choose equaliser.

you should be given several options. default preset, bass booster, classical, jazz,pop, rock.


I do find that they differences between each option are not huge, the phoen tends to slide into the selected option. Its most noticable when the phone is using some sortr of amplifier to play the music thru.


Let me know if you still cant get it to work. I also use an E7.



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Re: e7: belle will fix anna issues?

hi- no, not possible at all. What abt the other 2 issues? U see them too?
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Re: e7: belle will fix anna issues?

metal_might wrote:
hi- no, not possible at all. What abt the other 2 issues? U see them too?

Well the email part is a bit tricky. I only have 2 email accounts setup on the phone.

one of them is an ovi account which doesnt have a folder for junk mail/spam, when you go into the folder list.

The other is a mail for exchange account. which does have the folder for junk mail, however I dont have any junk mail in there. This excahnge account being an IMAP style email service, is also on my computer, so I know that there has not been any junk mail come thru. So am unsure of whether or not this works at all or not.


Now with the LOG app. I'm assuming the one you refer to is theone found in the application folder, that displays the recent calls and calls duration and data counter. When i go to the data counter, I see All sent data and All received data. And it does display totals for each. Is this the one you refer to. If you go into the call list log, you can set a filter, choose data packet data connections. When I do that, I dont get any results. which from my udnerstanding is odd, considering i'm using data all the time.


Its a bit odd that your EQ is not working. When you did the upgrade to Anna did you have any problems with it. Or did it go smoothly. maybe there was something in the update that was missed because of a hiccup in the update.


You might top check for updates thru using ovi suite or maybe even reinstall Anna.  Unless it is something that is particular to your country. Some features are disabled for some countries due to local regulations. Cant see why this would be the case, but any thing is possible.



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Re: e7: belle will fix anna issues?

hi jraduga, tks fr ur reply.
1. Ovi mail is by yahoo & yahoo does have "Bulk Mail" folder. So, our ovi mail push account does not display that folder. If you decline t&c & go the IMAP way, you'll see all the folders you subscribe to, but sent messages will not be synced with server, they'll stay on your device only. Google handles this differently though.
2. Music equaliser: yes, you can access the preset options like jazz... etc,but you cannot adjust the equaliser like in earlier devices.
3. Log app: your assumption is right abt what i am refering to. Anna not logging packet data is an officially declared bug in nokia's database, and am waiting for a fix!
4. Pre-anna, our E7 will tell us which access point an app uses, but not anymore! This is the 4th "feature" i wish to resolve as it is a "bug" according to me!

Other than all of this, i am kinda ok with E7's other big issues as felt by others:
a. Fixed focus camera
b. 180 ppi density
c. 640x... resolution
d. Non user replaceable battery
e. No micro sd card

battery life was a downer earlier, but with latest firmware, my E7 does even full 48hours!

barring the above, E7 is a great machine, i wish it gets the hype it deserves!

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Re: e7: belle will fix anna issues?

The pop up that you receive when an app or browser accesses the internet showing which access point is being used was removed as a part of Anna that is Anna will not have that pop up display when apps Connect to internet. Don't ask me why. It was mentioned in the troubleshooting post for Anna.
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Re: e7: belle will fix anna issues?

Hi, for the imap email i was referring to is setup thru the mail for exchange, which runs thru my own server that is currently running small business server standard 2011. anything that I send does go back to my server as well as the phone. This way my email is more or less mirrored across all my computers and phone.


Ovi is run by yahoo, but as i understand it, it is a more simplified version. I didnt have junk mail or bulk mail on my E7 pre-anna from what i can remember ( which isnt saying much my memory is not that good these


Also from memory the EQ was pretty much the same on pre-anna as it is on anna. See above for explanation of


Its is a bit strange that the log doesnt contain data packets. I'm sure it did even on my old E90 and the 9500. seems strange they decided not to include it with anna. Maybe it was causing confusion or concern for some customers always wanting to know what was the data packet. But it would be useful thats for sure