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nokia c6 worst software

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nokia c6 worst software

will nokia release a new firmware for nokia c6-00. it has countless bugs. one of the worst tough screen phone nokia i have ever seen. :smileysad: 

my current firmware version is 





when will nokia release a new firmware for c6-00?????? will all our bugs gets eliminated?

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Re: nokia c6 worst software

Nokia do not give release dates for firmware updates
you like everybody else will have to keep checking

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Re: nokia c6 worst software

The Nokia simply disgustingly concerns the clients. It not support - it is simple horror. Updates quit very rarely and in them is corrected nothing. Nokia C6-00 not an exception. A shame of such company.
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Re: nokia c6 worst software

I've had a hard time with Nokia but finally got a friend to flash the phone for me and it's perfect, so it was a software issue all along.

where once I was rebooting ten times a day (yes, it was that bad!!!), now I haven't re-booted at all since, and I'm enjoying the hardyness of the phone.

I think Nokia has to get back to really making their customers feel like they're part of something special.

they used to. the simple and splendid 5310 still rocks...memories of the 7210 and the wonderful feeling I got that Nokia suppot was fully behind me.

the E7 looks like it's getting it right, but they dropped the ball with the c6-01 and the N8 I fear.

and Nokia must get back to designing distinctive phones. the 7210 was a classic.

now I feel not much thought is going into how the phones look.

the N8 was closer, the E7 is better still...but I know they can do better
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