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Re: 5800 WIFI connection never stops - drains my b...

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Accepted Solution

5800 WIFI connection never stops - drains my battery!!

I have a Nokia 5800

The problem is that the WIFI never turns off!

It drains my battery and I need to find a way to turn it off

When I turn off the phone, it stops for awhile then starts the WIFI again

How can I turn off this feature?

Is there any software such as HandyWi that I can install to manage this?



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Re: 5800 WIFI connection never stops - drains my battery!!

Is it actually connecting, or just showing WLAN availability?


If connecting, you need to find what is connecting. The phone doesn't connect by itself for no reason, so some program must be requesting the connection (e-mail, weather app, etc.)


On the other hand, maintaining a WLAN connection (idle) doesn't use that much battery (unless the router is buggy), so if your battery is running out quickly, it probably means some program is actively using the connection (as well as the CPU, etc.)


Can you check which programs you have running and/or if/how you have configured the e-mail?

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Re: 5800 WIFI connection never stops - drains my battery!!

Thanks for this. I did get an answer from Nokia support which solved the problem:


To help rectify the concern of your mobile phone, we suggest that you check your email settings on your mobile phone if you have set up your Nokia Messaging on your mobile phone. Kindly follow the steps below:

1. Press Menu
2. Select Application.
3. Select Email.
4. When you are on your email’s inbox, Select Options.
5. Select Tools.
6. Select Settings.
7. Select When to sync
8. Kindly change the following details:
Days :smileyfrustrated:u-Sa
Hours: On all day
Sync while roaming :Never sync
Disable synce when:Battery at 20%
Send and Recieve:Every day

This particular troubleshooting step above will help disable your mobile phone from connecting to the internet and WLAN.

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Re: 5800 WIFI connection never stops - drains my battery!!

Solved: :smileyhappy: No need to uninstall any  good app. follow this


Setting>Connectivity>Wireless Lan>Option>Setting>Show Wlan Availability=Never


And your problem is gone forever.


Pray for who wrote this. :smileyhappy:

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Re: 5800 WIFI connection never stops - drains my battery!!

To do so you need to go to go to connectivity settings,there connection manager,and disconnect ur wifi,immediately go to destinations,internet,click ur wifi name and make it ad-hoc where it will be infrastructure(if its ad-hoc make it infrastructure)&come back it will not able to connect to wifi

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