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Re: 5800 calendar sync doesn't get future entries....

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Accepted Solution

5800 calendar sync doesn't get future entries..

I am synching my 5800 calendar with my corporate calendar server.  the two way synch works fine, with one exception - my 5800 is only showing events that seem to be one month from the sync date.  (ie, I synched today and my 5800 is only showing events up to August 23rd)


I did a test, and created an event on my 5800 for a few months ahead - when I sync, it shows up fine in my corporate calendar, but it's now gone from my 5800.  But when I created an event for tomorrow, it's fine in both after the synch.  No events more than 1 month from today are being synched to my 5800.  Synch is set as both directions.


is there a limitation in the 5800 calendar, or is it something at the corporate server end on what it sends and doesn't send?  (on the first sync, it didn't sync any past events, and nothing more than 1 month in future at that time)


I've not yet tried a rolling test over a few days, to see if the month keeps moving on the events in my 5800.


Any ideas?



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Posts: 5

Re: 5800 calendar sync doesn't get future entries..

I found out it isn't the 5800, but the default settings on our server.  (Oracle Beehive)

Luckily, can override the defaults with extra settings added to the calendar directory definition in the sync profile.


For anybody else who wants to sync a Nokia to Oracle Beehive, the information can be found HERE - scroll down a bit to the supported Nokia devices section to find details of the setup.

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