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808 camera guide / tips / tricks

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808 camera guide / tips / tricks

Does anyone know where they is a good internet site explaining exactly how to use the 808's camera and all its features?


Its probably me being stupid but i cant seem to get great photos from my 808, infact id say my N8 takes better photos if you havent got 10 minutes to set it up.

Ive tried leaving it in auto mode and also messing around in creative mode but im just not happy with the photos, most seem blurred or out of focus slightly no matter how hard i try to keep the phone still.

Id say i can hold a camera just as still as most people but unless its mounted in a tripod the results are poor, even my mates and family have had a go and it makes no difference, none of use can get sharp photos every time.


I have attached a couple of pics to show what i mean.


And before anyone says did the cat move for pic 2, the answer is no. He is great for taking photos as he just sits there for ages looking at you and not moving at all!!


Picture 1 is me holding the camera above my head (so not very stable at all) to take a photo of my cat on top of the shed roof, the results are quite good considering.

Picture 2 is taken resting the camera on top of a box (so very stable) but seems slightly out of focus and not as good as pic 1.



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Re: 808 camera guide / tips / tricks


 Try reading through the tips found HEREHERE and HERE to get you started.



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Re: 808 camera guide / tips / tricks

yellow_fto wrote:

Does anyone know where they is a good internet site explaining exactly how to use the 808's camera and all its features? 

Have you looked over here?

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Re: 808 camera guide / tips / tricks

Ive looked at those links and there are some useful tips there, thanks!

Its just a shame that in auto mode the camera cant figure all this out for me, its gonna take many hours of messing about for me to learn exactly what settings to use in what conditions.

Also a shame that they only give you 3 presets to save settings, i could probably do with 10 or more to save time and having to remember all this stuff........

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Re: 808 camera guide / tips / tricks

I mainly shoot in automatic mode, but here are my custom settings: 

C1 (landscape): 8Mpix PureView mode, superfine jpeg, vivid colors, sharpness +1, ND filter off for the most part, I only turn it on if its a really bright scene. Don't worry, it will look like its overexposed on screen, but once you take the shot it will be okay. 

If you want more color, bring the saturation up. Adjust EV and ISO according to the conditions. If you want a natural looking image, which I prefer, just set the color mode to normal. 

C2(sunset/sunrise): 5Mpix PureView mode, superfine jpeg, vivid, everything else on 0. Color tone: cloudy. EV on -.7 .. depending on conditions. ND filter OFF (faster shutter speeds) 

C3 (aiming for the most natural image): Full resolution, everything on default except +1 or +2 sharpness, nd filter OFF 

At night, if you want to blur motion.. ND filter ON and set the iso @ 50. If you just want to take a shot, you can go up to 800 iso, and the images are still usable. 

for HDR, bracketing mode 3 shots: -2, 0, +2 .. set the ISO to 100, ND filter to ON or OFF (not on auto)