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Re: 808 - white balance problem

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808 - white balance problem

Hi folks,


Seems there's a problem with fixed whiet balance modes on the 808's camera. The 5 shots taken shown in the following image were taken in te same light and a fixed white balance of 'flourescent' selected. I'd expect some variations in auto white balance, but not with a fixed white balance setting.  The same variations appear when tungsten white balance is selected.


 Edit: seems I can't post pictures in threads for some bizarre reason. I'll try the attachment feature instead.

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Re: 808 - white balance problem

Ive found the same problem, whites are sometimes terrible and do not look anything like they do in real life or they vary like your sample pics do.

In fact its so bad at times i revert back to using my N8 which always produces fine natural whites exactly like your eyes see them.


The only way to sort it out is to go into creative mode and try different things, takes a while to know what you are doing in creative mode so its not an option when you need to take a picture in a hurry.


The more pics i take with my 808 the more i seem to be realising that its perhaps not as great as it should be, im sure Nokia could sort this with an update but everyone at Nokia seems to be very happy with the 808 so i dont think they will do anything :smileysad:


I never have ANY problems with my N8, even in auto mode its spot on every time, sometimes i wonder why i spent £440 on a supposed better camera :wacko:


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Re: 808 - white balance problem

Cheers for replying :smileyhappy:

Being a long term DLSR photographer I always use creative mode and started out using AWB. Even in AWB mode there shouldn't be so much variation as in my sample pics, so I decided to use fixed white balance with the intent of forcing the colour balance ot be the same.  but you're right, often with a dynamic scene there's not time or place to mess about trying different settings to correct waht a fixed AWB shoudl get right in the first place


I think there's a bug, but it's not an easy thing to get manufacturers to always admit this.   I will soon twitter Damian Dinning, the guy who was heavily involved with the development of the 808's camera and see if he has some comment. 

I appreciate the 808 is the first Pureview model, but that shouldn't mean a lack of after-release updates to fix problems.

Another weird scarnio I've come across is that when setting manual ISO to something higher in order to force a faster shutter speed, the 808 still choose s toexpose with lower shutter speeds. For example on my DSLRs if I use auto mode and it selects something like. ISO 100 / 1/50s. For the same scene, if I preset ISO400 the speed jumps to 1/200s as it should. This doesn't happen on the 808. The speedwill remain at 1/50 on many shots, and unwanted motion blur remains

There's some weird stuff going on

When the 808 getr's it right it takes amazing pics for a phone, and in fact that's the reason I bought it. I still ahven't put a SIM card in it :



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Re: 808 - white balance problem



There are similar experiences from me too. I have taken hundreds of pictures and hours of video with this device and indeed sometimes I am very satisfied to the results but I have to post-edit most of the material afterwards. 


The balance problem I have fixed with IrfanView, the free photo editing program. But I do not understand why I need to do this, considering the 808 should do the "thing" as it is designed to and not require me to go postprocessing the images.


One more thing is the too little lense that is the curse for any mobile device. It is just too small to be able to handle light and exposures and the darker the surroundings get the worse are the results.


The simple fact is that this device with proper shutter timings should be FIXEDly positioned. NOT kept handheld.


No tiny little optics can ever beat the diameter of a proper digital camera with big lense with the same price category.


And what comes to the 41 MP .... I have not found use for it still, yet I had purchased this device as I did not want to carry always a separate digital camera, but the more I think of it I should have bought a decent big diameter lense camera with less megapixels and forget to dream that a small tiny lense of a mobile device could actually fight in the same ring. But, one has to try oneself to understand, subjectively.


Allaround nice device, with it's limitations.



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Re: 808 - white balance problem

smeggypants > Ive not had any iso problems with my 808, infact the results have been excellent, i frequently take pics of my cats and quite often its in the evening so i need to raise the iso as the flash is so bright they dont like it!

As long as im proper still when taking the pic or use a tripod then the pics are excellent. Checking the pic info afterwards i can see the shutter speed is different so im not sure whats going on with yours.


808PureviewUser > Its not possible to use the full 41mp, the sensor is 41mp but you have to choose either 16:9 or 4:3 which results in 34mp or 38mp images.


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Re: 808 - white balance problem

I'll do some controlled tests as soon as I can. See if I can pin down the problem. There's definitely something strange going on becuase I'm taking pics in places I've already taken thousands of on other cameras so I know waht roughylto expect on exposure settings.

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Re: 808 - white balance problem

This problem STILL exists!


Just to recap and recount the issue as I see it:


The white balance presets 'Incandescent' and 'Florescent' do not work in either photos or video. Both seem to simply act like white balance is set to auto.


Steps to reproduce:


* start camera

* go to creative mode

* chose a creative preset (1-3) and reset it

* select 'Incandescent' or 'Florescent' white balance preset

* point camera at something light brown and you'll see the colour begin to wash out towards blue

* quickly move camera to something white and you'll see the colour change from blue to white


The last two points above indicate that the presets are being ignored completely and the camera is using auto white balance.


This really causes problems when trying to film indoors.


Please fix asap  :thumbsup:

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Re: 808 - white balance problem

Just want to establish whether this is a fault in the standard FP2 firmware. Anyone with an 808 have a few minutes to try the steps above?

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Re: 808 - white balance problem

[ Edited ]

I can confirm this, altough this effect is not too strong in my opinion. The changing white balance in "fluorescent" setting might have to to something with the fact that such lamps can be very different in their color temperature and/or distribution of wavelengths in their spectra, so that a little amount of automatic compensation is still required - that's my theory.

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