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All you need to set up BBC iplayer on the N97.

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All you need to set up BBC iplayer on the N97.

Hi Folks


I have finally solved the issue of setting you the BBC iplayer so it asks you how you would like to connect when you run the application rather then it always by default connecting to the service provider in my case (orange).



Step 1 - download the newest software update for the N97 you will need

                software version V 20.0.019 software version date is 13-10-09.


Step 2 - download the latest BBC iplayer version this should be version 2.5.0(141).


Step 3 - from the phone go to menu then go to web once opened go to options then settings

               once in settings go to general and set access point to ask when needed.


Step 4 - from menu go to Videos & TV go to option in Video and TV then settings and set network connection to ask when needed if its not already set to this.


Step 5 - from menu go to settings then connectivity then destinations then internet and set your required WIFI connection to priority 1.


Step 6 - from menu go to applications then open realplayer then settings then go to streaming settings then network and the access point in use should display your required WIFI connection e.g. mine shows my home network talktalk. If your required network is not displayed then open the access point in use and select the required WIFI connection.


Step 7 - turn your phone off and take out the battery for 2mins then turn your phone back on.


Step 8 - when the phone turns on and the phone displays select connection you should see internet underneath it should be displayed your WIFI connection. Do not select anything. Instead go to options then go to select access point and choose your service provider e.g. orange Internet.


Step 8 - once your phone is set-up and all widgets are set all you have to do to use BBC iplayer is go to options on the home screen select content to offline mode then content to online mode then open the BBC iplayer. The phone will then ask for a connection select your wifi connection and your away.


i hope the above steps help you and work as they worked for me just remember after you do

the 8 steps above you only need to repeat step 8 everytime you wish to use BBC iplayer.

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Re: All you need to set up BBC iplayer on the N97.



I've never done any of that (except setting the browser application "Web" to "Ask when needed") and I've used iPlayer successfully since the oldest FW version 10, and oldest iPlayer release (whatever that was).


Setting the browser application "Web" to "Ask when needed", was all that was required, last June, to get it to work.



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Re: All you need to set up BBC iplayer on the N97.

I'm with 2bad.


I didn't need to do any of that for it to work perfectly!



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Re: All you need to set up BBC iplayer on the N97.

what kind of shows can u watch on bbciplayer

do they have a app that u can watch like everybody hate chris n king n queen etc

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Re: All you need to set up BBC iplayer on the N97.

BBC 1 BBC 2 shows .



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