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Re: C7-00 connect to the internet

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C7-00 connect to the internet

Hi all

I have Nokia C7-00 and it's operating system is belle with latest updated

My question is:

Can i configure C7-00 to connect to the internet using hot spot (connect using a broadband connection that requires a user name and password  PPPoE) via WiFi , and how it's configuration


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Re: C7-00 connect to the internet

I think this is what you're looking for...
To configure a
WLAN manually do the following. Press the menu button then tap settings>connectivity>settings>destinations>optio destination. A box will appear type the destination name and then select any icon from the set of icons that is
shown then tap the new destination that you have created then tapoptions>new access point. An option will appear asking whether to "automatically check for available access points" if you are in the range of the WLAN then tap yes or else no. Generally use no. Three options will be provided like WLAN or Packet data or VPN. Tap WLAN then enter the WLAN name then select the Network mode/status three options will be shown. Select infrastructure (public)[usually this is used]. If its an open network then tap open network(no key is needed for this) or else tap WPA/WPA2 then tap pre- shared key and enter the key. This will create the access point. Now tap the access point then options>advanced settings>IPv4 settings. Tap the Phone IP address and enter the number. After this you will be
provided with an option to enter the subnet mask and default gateway. Enter these numbers then tap back. Then tap proxy server number and enter the number that you had entered in the default gateway. Then enter the port number. Then tap back and again back. To use this as the default connection tap options>default connections and select the one that has the WLAN access point as the default one. The IP address and default gateway number and proxy port
number will be provided by the WLAN provider.
Hope this helps.
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Re: C7-00 connect to the internet

Thank you blitzkid for explanation,but that is not answer to my question I know all above discussion and i made it in my mobile

My question is how can I make a broadband connection using Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet (PPPoE) that is requires a user name and password,

suppose you have PC (laptop or desktop Pc) and you need to make PPPoE connection ...this is easy to make it in a few steps. I want make same connection in C7-00

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