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Re: Camera quality has dropped after belle update ...

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Re: Camera quality has dropped after belle update on my n8

Hello there,


I found this forum whilst looking for some other info.....


I have 2 nokia n8's..... one on anna which is still my main fone.... the 2nd n8 is one I bought off ebay in perfect condition.  I bought the 2nd n8 as a spare and to upgrade it to belle to make sure all my stuff still works and I'm happy before upgrading my main n8.


The 2nd N8 (spare) has also another use which is acting as my music collection (mp3s) that I now play thru my home stereo via the FM transmitter (now called play via radio).  


Whilst I haven't done many camera tests I can confirm problems with Resco photoviewer, which works but the options / exit keys are now wrong way round on screen due to the change of positions of these keys within belle (now a left cursor icon and a 3line icon)


I also dislike the new andriod-ish clock... yuk...  I downloaded simple clock v1.00 and use that as a clock widget instead.... much better and very simular to the one in anna.


I can perform some tests, if people state what tests they'd like me to do...




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Re: Camera quality has dropped after belle update on my n8

Secarica,  What steps/guide did you use to downgrade to Anna?


As much as I like some of the features Belle brings, the movable widgets (even if some of them are on the large side), an improved browser, the quick swipe for connetions and silencing as well as the overall faster feel to just using the phone...I trade them all for a useable Camera again.


The Camera was the reason I brought and loved my N8, I could live with out the apps and the mockiing from friends about symbian, since I knew I had a great camera in my pocket for those special pics.  Sadly, Belle has taken that away for people and as yet there does not appear to be any acknowledge of that from Nokia, which would let us believe there's not to be a fix coming soon :smileysad:


For anyone reading this that are still not running Belle and trust heir N8 for taking photos , you seriously need to think twice before upgrading... just a shame I never spotted this post beforehand.



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Re: Camera quality has dropped after belle update on my n8

[ Edited ]

According to what I have read around I am not allowed to post this kind of info here. You can search the internet, only as a last resort try to send me a pm.


I am curious if users of other Belle devices have noticed any amera issues on theirs. One possibility I am thinking about is that Nokia is right in saying they didn't do anything [wrong] to the camera, but that the OS itself is buggy and indirectly affects the camera functionality. During my short experience with Belle I encountered several issues with the CameraPro application, some of them confirmed also by its developer (Harald Meyer), therefore I find plausible that the camera be affected by a perhaps buggy OS, like any other application.



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Re: Camera quality has dropped after belle update on my n8

[ Edited ]


Please post more sample pictures of the issues you are having. Since Nokia is saying they cannot re-produce it, we need to provide the evidence.


My biggest issue with th N8 camera right now is


focusing issues (shots are not crisp)

horrible low light and/or shadow NOISE which give my shots that "painting" effect.




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Re: Camera quality has dropped after belle update on my n8


The thread seems to revolve mostly around Belle focus problems with macro shots and in low light conditions, and our mod Sheldrick requested ISO information and zoom shots early on, which noone seem to have done yet.


Lossless crop of details in .jpg files with all camera information preserved can be done using the freeware tool at




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Re: Camera quality has dropped after belle update on my n8

Hi there,


I've done afew low light shots and some close ups using both anna and belle.... see attached...


These were taken at 3megapixel mode which is the mode I use most....   I wish there was a 5meg mode on the N8's as I find the 9meg mode just too big.... 


I hope these are of use....  

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Re: Camera quality has dropped after belle update on my n8

Cant see the attached zip file of photos on my last post so trying again...


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Re: Camera quality has dropped after belle update on my n8

camerain face phone its not goof all when d video call
This back cam need:
on of voiceshoot orrecord
on of red light
nee mlre zooming
ples any onetell me how solve prob red eyes when tk pic
not work on foto editor
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Re: Camera quality has dropped after belle update on my n8

To all NOKIA photo moderators, experts or whatever you like to call yourself : if you don't know how to deal/solve this issue, please don't waste our time ! Even from the first page I took the photos with both Anna and Belle and on post 27 I said : All images have exif info stored you just have to use a program to show them. I use ACDSEE. So, if your expert Sheldrick does not know how to extract EXIF data from a photo/image allow me not to trust his imaging knowledge. And now you are telling us with what tool you can see EXIF data !!! Tell Sheldrick ! If Hpholm did NOT read all the topic posts how should you help us? If NOKIA tech guys do not have the possibility to shoot simultaneously with 2 N8 with Anna and Belle and rely on amateur samples , how can we expect something after 6 pages of the same problems exposed? We may be sick/fools/demanding , but everyone ? Better tell us that N8 is already a discontinued product and , since 808 no one cares about N8. My guess is that any other Belle update will be one general and not a customized for N8 camera.
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It's that easy...

First: I also noticed inferior AF performance and more picture noise (even on bright days, even using ISO 100).

Second: Just lean back and watch Nokia going down.

Other manufacturers found the recipe to success long ago: Listen to your customers.

Just opposite with Nokia:

1) Long-known bugs get ignored; like the present, severe camera issues, or that infamous OVI Maps bug which let the app running in the background without terminating mobile data connections.

Nokias reactions: Maps issue - ignorance and lies (app needs to be running in the background). N8 camera issue - total ignorance.

Nokia - neglecting people.


2) Symbian IS dead. There are still a lot of Symbian devices out there; but almost NO NEW APPS hit the market. That's a clear indicator. Symbian is not as bad as the rumours say; but if app developers stay away from it, this just cannot get ignored.

Nobody ignores that - but Nokia.

So how sick is it, planning to release the new flagship 808 with Symbian ?

Propects will get tempted by he camera - but scared off by the fact that they'll buy a dead device with no future. They'll buy a camera. And that's it.


3) Nokia had been quite famous for caring for older devices. That was one of the reasons for still buying Nokia products. Now we learn that Nokia gave up caring for older devices.

Now we know that investing into any Nokia device will be an investment into a dead body.

As soon as a new product line hits the market, all support for previously bought devices will be gone.

Exactly this is what we're experiencing with our N8: Nokia killed it's flagship feature, the camera, and does not undertake any steps in acknowledging, recognizing, accepting, correcting the problem.


This is our future: Buy a Nokia, buy a dead thing with no future support.


Nokia: Listen and think - or get swept away by the competition in no time.

And finally stop neglecting people.

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Re: Camera quality has dropped after belle update on my n8

hey guys the latest update on Nokia phone call Belle is not good there some issues the following are sum issues:camera zooming quality gets blurry,battery lifeproblem can somebody help me out this problems
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Re: Camera quality has dropped after belle update on my n8

[ Edited ]

forget it guys.. if you notice.. Sheldrick one of the Mods here is always quick to jump into new threads and appear to offer help at first, but seemingly vanishes soon after, without any explanation, follow up, or closure.


Nokia seems to have a policy of leaving there customers hanging in the wind with silence, rather than just be honest with them.


My N8 is not handling noise well at all, even in daylight shots, and focus is off, and I seem to have blurry sections left of the middle of each shot.


I have accepted the fact that Nokia is not going to look into any of these issues, and we are stuck with what we have now..


So I now have the decison to make whether Nokia deserves my money going forward on my next phone purchase...


This kind of support isn't winning over anyone...


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Re: Camera quality has dropped after belle update on my n8

Sad to hear. Starting to lose faith in Nokia. They shouldn't forget that the 808 is a successor OF THE N8, in other words, N8 was the pioneer in the brilliance of mobile photography. :smileysad:




N8 Achievements


To highlight the capabilities of the Nokia N8 camera, Nokia created a short film, The Commuter, in October 2010. Directed by the McHenry brothers and starring Dev Patel, Ed Westwick, Charles Dance and Pamela Anderson, the seven-minute film was shot entirely on the phone's 720p camera.

For the Spanish promotion of the phone they also created a short video featuring luminescent puppets, called Love Knot.

The phone was also used to film Drums of Death's "Won't Be Long" music video.

Using CellScope technology, Nokia also released another film called "Dot" which they marketed to as the world's smallest stop-motion animation character.

Nokia N8 filmed feature film “Olive” hits theaters.


- Wiki

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Re: Camera quality has dropped after belle update on my n8

Reading these endless threads saying that Belle is rubbish I cannot help wondering if there is some subtle compatibility issue between Belle and specific phone hardware.


I have a Nokia 700 (two actually; the other one is identically configured as a backup) and it works perfectly. I have not found any faults.


There are a couple of features which Nokia removed from the email app, relative to previous Symbian versions, but that's life I suppose.


I suggest that anybody with a problem EMAILS Nokia. They do actually respond, to my astonishment. It is in broken English and with copious use of scripted phrases and often misunderstand your question (all indicating a call centre in India, etc) but they are responsive and if you bang on to them, rephrasing the question until they get the message, I reckon something will get fed back. And if they have a solution they will give it to you.


Whereas posting stuff here seems a total waste of time. I am sure Nokia engineers read this forum (they would be crazy not to) but they will not be permitted to respond here officially. Same with the Apple community forums - you only have to read the 100-page thread on the Ipad2 WIFI issues. NO response from Apple, but you bet they read it.


Sure Symbian is dead as far as new app development goes, but hey this is a PHONE you bought :smileyhappy: Well, a phone with some messaging and multimedia features. And it works very well. I have an Iphone4 too in the house so I can compare. It's easier to type on but that is largely because it's a lot bigger (Apple do have a much better finger gesture implementation than anybody else, too; scrolling on the Nokia often triggers one of the apps, so one needs to use the scroll bars instead) which not everybody wants. It is also severely crippled as to what you can do with it, with no inter-app file access etc. A jailbroken Iphone is a lot better but still none of the existing apps can use the extra functionality. I prefer the 700 to an Iphone.




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Re: Camera quality has dropped after belle update on my n8

[ Edited ]

I think there a lot of faulty N8's out there and most people do not even realize it.

I always thought my N8 took great snaps until I started zooming in a little bit on the images.


Once I did this, I noticed all of the blurry spots in the images (usually to the left of center),and I noticed really bad noise levels, even in good daylight shots, shadow areas looked like a blotchy mess when zoomed in even just a little bit.


Some of my shots still look nice when viewed on my N8 or even on my pc monitor as long as I don't view them at 100% size.


Moderators notes: Unfounded claim of fact removed.

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Re: Camera quality has dropped after belle update on my n8

[ Edited ]

After reading Jakes post, I really need to open my mind.

Now I need to accept that Nokia is nothing less than magic: Only real magic explains how the Belle software update rendered my previously flawless N8 camera into a faulty one.


Nokia: Why is it that difficult to acknowledge a mistake and just correct it ?

Nokia: Why do you still plan to release the 808 with the dead Symbian OS ?

Nokia: Do you never learn from the past, don't you learn from the fact that application developers all around the world turn away from Symbian ?

Nokia: What makes it so hard understanding this simple equation: Lauch the 808 with Symbian = Launch a mobile phone dead prior to it's birth ?


It's no problem making mistakes; we all do.

But it IS a problem knowingly repeating the worst and deadly mistakes over and over.

It IS a problem ignoring proven facts and wishes of potental buyers by hardlining the idea: "We know we're doing it deadly wrong, we know this is not what our customers want. But we want it that way - no matter whatever the facts are."


Wake up, Nokia, think.

Stop committing suicide.


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Re: Camera quality has dropped after belle update on my n8

[ Edited ]

instead of trying to offer help, the Nokia mods edit my post, removing any critical comments?

way to give great customer service Nokia.. good job there


this is how Nokia treats their loyal customers who spend over $500 USD on their product.


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Re: Camera quality has dropped after belle update on my n8

Thanks for keeping this thread alive, it reinforces my believings that Nokia spent the best efforts until N8 PR 1.2 release that I've chosen to keep.


Image quality is good indeed and I've overcome some oddities of S^3 with personal touch, tweaks and hack additions. I really like my device as it is now and I spur everyone to do the same.


Having such a stable device with consolidated layout helped me retain still enough appraisal of Nokia to at least consider buying the 808 PureView. That may be fine, but I feel that I couldn't wait any longer to move on Android. 

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Re: Camera quality has dropped after belle update on my n8

[ Edited ]

I have updated to Belle from Anna through Customer care centre. But I am really unhappy from the camera performance too....and also no support for video calling still.


Camera hangs the phone and sometime black screen after pressing the camera button....

If I have helped at all, a click on the White Star is always appreciated. You can also help others by marking 'accept as solution'.

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Re: Camera quality has dropped after belle update on my n8

[ Edited ]

The following may be obvious, but to avoid misunderstandings and possibly avoid having people hack their phones into paperweights I decided to post these comments.


The N8 camera has a fixed aperture of 2.8

Indoors on a rainy day or at the beach on a sunny day, the aperture is always 2.8 - and even with the wide-angle lens on the N8, the optics cannot provide sharpness all the way from nearby objects to the horizon. It is the same issue across a table and with macro shots. The user has to focus on the object he wants to photograph. Anything in front or behind the focal plane is more or less blurred.


The fixed aperture in the N8 is different from most pocket cameras, where the camera is able to choose a smaller (bigger number) aperture in good light and thereby increases the depth of field.


The unsharp blur is less behind the focal plane.

If in doubt or when having trouble getting a green rectangle in the viewfinder, then focus on something slightly closer by half-pressing the shutter and move the camera to compose the shot.


The N8 camera auto-focus is centre-weighted.

The main object needs to be at the centre of the picture when focusing. The user can point the camera at the main object, half-press the shutter to focus, move the camera to compose the picture, and then press the shutter fully to take the picture. When using the on-screen shutter this is not possible. A workaround is to back away from the main object, place the main object at the centre, take the picture, and crop it later to achieve the wanted result.


This is a sample of these technical limitations. There is enough room between the two animals to have the camera focus on the grass behind them. The N8 camera does the same to people!


Hazy/milky appearance of flash pictures.

Watch where and how the left hand fingers are placed on the N8. Light from the flash to the fingers can easily reflect onto the front glass of the camera creating this annoying effect. A phone cover can also give this sort of trouble.


Possible mechanical defects.

Things sometimes break. The N8 camera must have a mechanical "yip" sound from the piezo element inside when focusing in auto mode, the amber LED must turn on very brightly when focusing in low light, and the flash must be very bright. If it fails to do so, have it serviced or replaced.


After a year, I am still impressed with the performance of the N8 camera. Some shots are poor, a lot is average, and some shots are amazing, depending on motive, light and a bit of luck. This is no different from the Panasonic DMC-FS3 that the N8 has replaced except for the rare situations where I need optical zoom and extreme close-up. The N8 pictures are easier to edit and resize, and gives superior prints, thanks to not applying edge enhancement and noise reduction by default. If sharper and crispier looking pictures are preferred for computer screen use, these effects is an option both in the camera settings and in picture editing software.


Even when compared to the heavy 35mm Contax gear I used to carry around in the late 1980's, the N8 does a good everyday job with low optical distortion, better and more consistent colour, less picture noise, and at a small fraction of the cost.


Steve Litchfield has a March 22nd 2012 camera shootout Nokia N8 Belle vs. Sony Xperia S:


Damian Dinning has background information about the N8 camera design:


Best regards,