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Can't connect N97 to PC via USB cable

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Can't connect N97 to PC via USB cable

Hi All,


I wanted to update my phone with the latest software. When I hooked the phone up to pc via usb and started up nokia software updater the software couldnt find my phone. I put the phone in PC SUITE mode but still no go. I also did I hard rest, reinstalled PC SUITE. The only way phone "talks" to the PC is via bluetooth but the only wo updates software is via usb cable. Pls help.


ps. could this be the pcs falut ???



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Re: Can't connect N97 to PC via USB cable

I reinstalled the usb driver on looks as though the phone has a connection with the pc but when I open PC SUITE I there is a message "connected in non compatible mode".


Can someone pls help,

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Re: Can't connect N97 to PC via USB cable

Strange... I have exactly the same problem. Have removed PC Suite and Ovi from my laptop, as well as the USB driver because my connection could not be found.

Reconected the the phone, device driver re-installed automatically and recognised the phone... but still the software updater cannot find the phone. Phone is in PC Suite mode.


What now???:smileysad:

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Re: Can't connect N97 to PC via USB cable

My phone seems to connect to my laptop.


First off..I unistalled all nokia software and all nokia drivers unsing program uninstall in control panel.  Then restarted  computer and pluged phone in via usb and let the laptop install drivers all over again...

give it a try

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Re: Can't connect N97 to PC via USB cable

Did you resolve this problem?


I have N97 and always have used Nokia PC Suite to sync my phone with PC.  For some reason it started to say that my phone was ‘connected in a non-compatible mode’, even though I had selected ‘pc suite’ as the usb mode.  I have tried everything.  I’ve installed pc suite and reinstalled it.  I’ve tried using an older version of pc suite.  I’ve even hard reset my phone and it’s still saying the same thing.


I managed to get it connected so the icon on the bottom of the screen is green to say connected, however the pc suite says is not ‘connection phone is not supported by pc sync’.


I’m really stuck here can anyone help?

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Same problem, but with N85

Having the same issue with n85. Only, in my case, I never even got it to work at all.


Some people have had some luck deinstalling all the software (ovi or pc suite), deleting some folders manually and reinstalling the software's latest version. I tried that and still no go. The folders are:


NOKIA - C:\Program Files\Nokia\
MPLATFORM - C:\Program Files\Common Files\Nokia\MPlatform
NOKIA - C:\Documents and Settings\<<Windows Username>>\Local Settings\Application Data\Nokia\

NOKIA- C:\Program Files\Nokia\
MPLATFORM - C:\Program Files\ Common Files\ Nokia\ MPlatform
NOKIA - C:\Users\<<Windows Username>>\App Data\Local\ Nokia\


Good luck to those who try this method, I haven't had any.


Anyone else has a solution for us poor N85 users on vista 32 bit?



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Re: Same problem, but with N85

I am still having the same problem with my 3710 on a 64 bit  XP machine, latest PC Suite, latest OVI.


PC suite 'sees' the 3710, but cannot communicate with it - it knows its there but you cannot access phone contacts messages etc and it will not Back Up - it throws up a failure message saying that the 3710 is missing a connectivity file for use with OVI and PC Suite.


Nokia have f*cked up the software for this phone so badly I will never by a phone from them again, they have been a disgrace.


At the moment, I cannot back up my phone to allow me to take the latest firmware release (the last one just made things worse) even if it would let me.


You'd think Nokia would get stuff like this right, well they don't.


I've been having trouble since January when I first got my 3710.

The only thing that Nokia Customer Service could do in the end to help was to give me a 6131 (my old phone model) to try and make amends.

My advice to you is buy another phone (not Nokia)

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Re: Can't connect N97 to PC via USB cable

Same problem : unable to connect my N97 to PC/Vista via cable. From my point of view its a trouble with new version of PC suite (I just upgraded it before) and I've been very disapointed by Nokia software's quality since 1 year : OVI suite does'nt provide any advantage (I'm still using PC suite), last version of Nokia Maps is worse than previous one, and now new bugs appears on existing functionalities...

I've been a Nokia user for a lonf time (this N97 is my 4th Nokia) but as IanSeale writes it : choose another provider for your future mobile.

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Re: Can't connect N97 to PC via USB cable

[ Edited ]

Not sure if this would work. I also has this problem of Nokia PC Suite and Ovi Suite not recognizing the cellphone connected via the CA-101 USB cable (both an E71 and an E63).  (for the record: I'm using Windows XP here.)


I notice that after uninstalling Nokia Connectivity Cable drivers (from Control Panel -> Add/Remove Prorams), then reinstalling Nokia Connectivity Cable drivers (either download from Nokia website or if you can find the backup copy of Nokia_Cable_Connectivity_Driver.MSI under C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Installations\{<CLSID-a long string of numbers>\Packages\CCD\Setup),  restarting Windows XP just to be sure. The Nokia cellphone will get re-detected.


This goes well and the phone's folders can be browsed (S60 Handset or Nokia Phone Browser). However, launching Nokia PC Suite or Ovi Suite will give a message not recognizing the connection type.  It doesn't recognize any phone connection.


I tried troubleshooting this for hours. Finally I noticed a "PC Connectivity Solution" also in the Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel.  This appears to also be part of Nokia PC Suite software.


I uninstalled PC Connectivity Solution, then reinstalled it (one can find a backup copy of PCCS.MSI under C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Installations\{<CLSID-a long string of numbers>\Packages\PCCS\Setup). After launching the PCCS.MSI to reinstall PC Connectivity Solution, I rebooted WinXP.


Then fired up Nokia PC Suite and later also tried Ovi Suite.  The first time it's launched, it takes some time and then it recognizes the phones.




Summary (note that the phone must not be connected to the PC during this time):

1) Uninstall Nokia Connectivity Cable Driver

2) Uninstall PC Connectivity Solution

3) (reboot if necessary)

4) Install Nokia Connectivity Cable Driver (Nokia_Connectivity_Cable_Driver.MSI)

5) Install PC Connectivity Solution (PCCS.MSI)

6) Now connect your cellphone; wait for the cellphone to be installed properly in Device Manager (may take a while since it installs several devices like "Nokia E72 USB Phone Parent, Nokia E72 USB OBEX, Nokia E72 USB modem, etc). It installed around 8 devices on the E72. Similar for E63.

7) Try running Nokia PC Suite: Connect a phone. It should be able to recognize the "USB cable type of connection" and identify the phone's model.

8) Try running Ovi Suite, which should also identify the USB connection type and the cellphone model.


Hoping this might work for you too.



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Re: Can't connect N97 to PC via USB cable

I have an N97mini and everything worked normally until I received an update to PC Suite. Since then it initially did not recognise my driver and after complete removal and re-installation it now insists phone is in non compatible mode even though it clearly states it is in PC Suite mode.


Nokia are not being of any assistance and I have run out of ideas having uninstalled cable connectors et al. Any ideas?

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Re: Can't connect N97 to PC via USB cable

Did you try another USB port?

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