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Connecting Phone to Internet VIA PC

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Connecting Phone to Internet VIA PC

Ive got a Nokia 5500 Sport.

I'm wondering if I can connect to the Internet VIA my PC. As in use my PCs internet connection so that I can configure my phones internet/email services in my home without having to wait/use the over the air connection of my Phone.

The reason being I'm in an area of poor reception in my home city (bottom of a hollow) - and I'd like to configure many internet services on my phone (therefore being close to my PC helps as I can get many settings) - however reception is poor.

Can I use the Data Cable and Windows (XP) so I can Bridge Connections (think thats the term) and get the Internet on my phone using the PC/Broadband?

cheers for any advice,
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Re: Connecting Phone to Internet VIA PC


yes you can use your 5500 to access internet in your PC
the speed connection it will not be to great because your phone don´t have UMTS (3G) so you will use GPRS network
first you have to confirm with operator if GPRS service is enable, than the best way to you connect is to install the latest PCSuite version from Nokia website and connect your phone to PC open PCSuite, choose option "get connected" after you established connection you can use the icon "connect to the internet"

best regards
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Re: Connecting Phone to Internet VIA PC

p_batista - you have miss read the question. The clue is in the subject title, via PC not via phone.

I've not heard that this is a possiblilty to kinda reverse the connection idea. Mainly because if you have internet on PC why would you need it onto your phone. But I do understand and I myself would like to know if it is at all possible.
Regards Matti

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Re: Connecting Phone to Internet VIA PC

There is a way on some of the older symbian phones using software called GNUBox, but this isn't available for S60v3 phones or S40 phones.

It would be handy for us all who wish not to pay £4 a meg to browse the internet or have wifi because it poses too much of a security risk.
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Re: Connecting Phone to Internet VIA PC

29-Aug-200701:49 PM
tehrules wrote:
There is a way on some of the older symbian phones using software called GNUBox, but this isn't available for S60v3 phones or S40 phones.

Yeah - found GNUBox mentioned skimming around the web - though I haven't looked into it yet - it appears to be Freeware developed by people who are quite helpful in these sorts of things - but because of that - it looks like its something you need to put a bit of effort into to get it working.

The reason I was looking for it is because reception is pretty poor in my flat - but fine further up the hill and elsewhere.

So I was wanting to configure all my internet stuff whilst at my PC - using its connection (because of speed and cost) - but also because I can get all my favourite settings etc from my PC as I'm doing it.

I've got an old PocketPC around it was a pretty standard feature on many that when your PocketPC was docked with your main PC - it used its internet connection rather than need to phone modem.

I just thought as you could get the internet on many makes of mobile - and they all connect to the PC for syncing etc - there would also be software or the capability to brouse the internet whilst connected to the PC - even if it ain't software on the phone itself - but rather PC based software that can connect to the phone and effectively 'emulate' (somehow) a GPRS connection etc.

I'll keep digging.

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Re: Connecting Phone to Internet VIA PC

You definitely CAN use Gnubox on 5500, i'm using myself, so my 5500 connects to the internet via bluetooth to pc:

5500 -> bluetooth -> pc -> adsl -> internet

Gnubox can be installed on 5500, it is only a long way to go: i found months ago a guide on how to download the unsigned version of gnubox for s60v3 and to sign yourself with a windows program. If the url don't get removed, it is here:

Otherwise, just search 5500 gnubox on, the discussion forum on nokia site (not europe!).

It is tricky, but it works. You have to setup your pc, so a gnubox site somewhere should help you do that. The only hint I can give you is that the Bt connection should be setup as an high speed connection and not as gprs. I had to give some tries before making it working, but eventually i ended up with the 5500 connecting to internet via pc. After that, i just setup pc to let it accept connection (i use Linux, btw), pairing is needed obviously. Then gnubox -> debug -> "bring up if". It signals "connection open" and works like a charm.